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Kawaminami Town Sports Park Tennis CourtsKawaminami Town, Koyu District, Miyazaki Prefecture

Tennis courts refurbished to artificial-turf courts lit with LEDioc TENNISTER lights to create a comfortable playing environment

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  • A total of 32 LEDioc TENNISTER lights have been installed on the 4 tennis courts that have been refurbished with artificial turf, creating bright and highly uniform night-game lighting.


Installation date

March, 2020

Kawaminami Town Sports Park is a park that includes a covered multi-purpose sports field, a baseball field, an athletics field, tennis courts, an archery range and an outdoor pool on its extensive grounds, and is used by many people, from children to adults, as a base for sports and recreation. 4 tennis courts can be used simultaneously, and in addition to hosting local and out-of-town tennis tournaments, the park also plays host to large tournaments that use six courts at the same time, due to the availability of an extra 2 courts on the covered multi-purpose sports field.

In March 2020, the Kawaminami town office received a Sports Promotion Lottery (toto) subsidy and carried out a refurbishment to artificial turf for its tennis courts and renovations to change its lighting equipment to LED. The tennis courts used to be clay courts, so puddles would form even in light rain, which often affected general games and competitions. Taking into account requests from users and tennis enthusiasts for a change to artificial turf, the renovations involved the courts being refurbished to artificial turf (OmniCourt) while the night-game lighting equipment simultaneously underwent an upgrade to LEDioc TENNISTER specialist outdoor tennis court lighting fixtures following the removal of the existing mercury lamp lighting equipment. A total of 32 units were installed, including 4 single lamps, 8 twin lamps, and 3 quad-lamps, ensuring a set brightness of 200ℓx or more, which corresponds to Competition Category Ⅲ of the outdoor tennis court brightness standards. We believe that the change to LED lighting has contributed to significant power savings while reducing glare, and has enabled the creation of a pleasant, bright and highly uniform lighting environment.

Furthermore, with respect to court rental, the existing twin-court coin-operated lighting panels have been replaced with a single barcode-type lighting panel that uses a two-dimensional bar code, which means that court lighting and rental can take place one court at a time instead of the previous two courts at a time, which has led to further reductions in power consumption. The courts have been available since April 1, and have received a warm welcome from everyone who uses the tennis courts and their competition environment.


  • LEDioc TENNISTER 250W type - 32

  • BOIQS barcode-type lighting panel - 1

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