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HOS Kosaka Tennis ClubHigashiosaka City, Osaka

Increased brightness and large-scale power savings achieved by a change to LED lighting for the courts at an indoor tennis school boasting a full range of facilities

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  • The spacious area has 4.5 carpet courts, which are gentle on the hips and legs, and is lit with specialist indoor tennis court LED lighting fixtures to create a bright and highly uniform lighting environment.


Installation date

December, 2016

HOS Kosaka Tennis Club is a tennis school with 4.5 indoor courts fully equipped with air conditioning. It is a joint facility together with a fitness club that has hot baths and a pool, and is characterized by its full range of facilities, including the lounge and pro shops surrounding the open entrance on the 1st floor. There are various classes that can be selected according to level, such as worry-free classes for tennis beginners and women's classes, which can be used by a wide range of ages from 3 to 90. HOS Kosaka Tennis Club carried out improvements to its lighting when it resurfaced its carpet courts, using LEDioc THREE STAR specialist indoor tennis court LED lighting fixtures in place of the existing HID floodlights. 6 units were installed along both sides of each of 3 of the tennis courts, with 7 units each installed for the remaining 1.5 courts, keeping glare under control while ensuring sufficient brightness to brightly illuminate the entire space. The LED lighting can be turned on instantaneously, and being able to be adjusted as required to light the space, which has a white roof that allows sunlight in, with 1/3 turned on during the day and 2/3 turned on from the evening onwards is also a convenient point that contributes to further power savings. After the upgrade to LED lighting, the feedback from members has been positive, with comments received regarding how much brighter it has become.


  • LED lighting fixtures for Indoor Tennis court LEDioc THREE STAR - 50

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