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Fukuda Denshi ArenaChiba City, Chiba Prefecture

LED lighting upgrades for a stadium popular amongst soccer fans, delivering a low energy and high quality lighting environment

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  • LED
  • Full output level, delivering over the 2000ℓx specified for international events.

  • The pitch is illuminated under high color rendering light suitable for High Definition TV broadcasting, delivering a high quality lighting environment.

  • The LED floodlights are installed on the roofs of the stands.

  • Making use of the properties of laser light, the ultra-narrow beam LAXIS laser floodlight provides impactful feature lighting for occasions such as post-match special interviews.

  • LAXIS laser floodlights provide a powerful spotlight to deliver illuminance equivalent to a conventional 1000W Xenon searchlight, with less than a quarter of the consumption at 236W.

  • Heavy duty corrosion resistant models of LEDioc FLOOD ZEST class 1100.

  • Heavy duty corrosion resistant models of LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 1300 type.

  • View of the rear stand, which features an electronic display board.

  • Touchscreen panel of the ITACS-LC controls system, which makes an easy operation; the system can also accommodate colored lighting displays in the event of full color LED floodlights being installed in future.

  • Daytime view of Fukuda Denshi Arena, where spectators can also enjoy matches in comfort on rainy days thanks to 90% of the seated areas being under the roofs.


Installation date

March, 2023

Situated within Soga Sports Park in Chiba City, Fukuda Denshi Arena is a dedicated soccer stadium which is home to J League side JEF United Ichihara Chiba, which has been enjoyed by many a soccer fan and locals alike since its opening in 2005. The stands of the 18500 capacity stadium lie in close proximity to the pitch, giving spectators an intimate and up-close experience of the excitement of match days, and with the stadium located only a 10 minute walks from JR Soga Station it also benefits from excellent accessibility.

Aiming to deliver energy savings and contribute towards environmental improvements whilst achieving improved illuminance levels, works to upgrade the stadium lighting to LED were completed out in February 2023. The existing 1.5kW and 2kW metal halide lamp installations were replaced with high-output LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 1300W type floodlights and LEDioc FLOOD ZEST class 1100 floodlights which offer advanced glare limiting properties alongside high-efficiency and high color rendering. At pitch level the illuminance levels can be set at over 1500ℓx as stipulated by J League playing regulations, and also at over 2000ℓx as required at international competition level such as the AFC Asian Champions League, seeing both energy savings and light levels increased. The scheme has been designed to ensure a comfortable playing environment for players, with uniformity across the entire pitch including corners, and additionally, LAXIS laser beam floodlights have been installed to provide feature lighting for special moments such as post-match interviews. The incorporation of the ITACS-LC lighting controls system enables all controls and settings to be executed simply through a touchscreen panel, and pre-set lighting arrangements can also be activated through a tablet device installed in the operations room; scalable by design, the scheme also has the capacity to be expanded to incorporate full color displays in future. With a proven track record in the field of sports facility lighting, Iwasaki Electric was selected to provide the lighting for the initial installation at the time of the stadium's opening, and again on this occasion to provide the lighting upgrades; working in cooperation with local design, construction and electrical installation companies, an all-encompassing program of improvement work has been successfully delivered. Situated in one of the foremost sports parks in the prefecture, Fukuda Denshi Arena is surrounded by a comprehensive array of facilities such as soccer, futsal and rugby grounds, and it is hoped that it can be a place for people to enjoy sports from an early age as they develop and head out into the world.

With Fukuda Denshi Arena being home to J League side JEF United Ichihara Chiba and therefore hosting matches throughout the season, there was a timeframe of just two months within which the lighting upgrade works were to be completed; given such a tight schedule, the works followed a meticulous planning process. Supplied by Iwasaki Electric as were the luminaires in the existing scheme, the LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 1300W type and LEDioc FLOOD ZEST class 1100 floodlights used for the pitch illuminations were selected after being suggested as solutions offering long product life and benefitting from low maintenance. Given the proximity of Fukuda Denshi Arena to the sea, the luminaires were custom made as heavy duty corrosion resistant models, with a recognition of the compacted construction schedule seeing the implementation of a variety of safety measures such as the exercising of extreme caution to avoid shock or vibration for the luminaires, and the affixing of safety wires due to the positioning of the luminaires on the stand roofs. Additionally, with the pitch area being out of bounds for access, a 100t crane was enlisted to carefully move the luminaires into position.

Alongside its primary use as a venue for J League matches, Fukuda Denshi Arena also hosts events such as the national high school soccer championships and national university soccer championships; the widely used facility also features as a rest area during outdoor music festivals taking place at Soga Sports Park. As a business close to the area, it has been an honor for our company to once more be involved with the lighting works here following our previous involvement at the time of the stadium's opening in 2005, and through the support of all parties involved we have been able to conduct works in a carefully considered manner to complete a high quality lighting scheme that delivers energy savings and increased illuminance levels.


  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 1300W type - 192

  • LEDioc FLOOD ZEST class 1100 - 56

  • Laser Floodlight LAXIS - 4

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