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Tosu StadiumTosu City, Saga Prefecture

Lighting an exciting and fun stadium for sports spectating with HID ACROSTAR floodlights, creating a pleasant night-game lighting environment

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  • A view of the stadium from the side stands when fully illuminated.


Installation date

February, 2015

Tosu Stadium is a three-storey sports stadium able to accommodate roughly 25000 people. It also serves as the home ground of J-League club Sagan Tosu, and its field is 12000m² of natural grass. Being a three-minute walk away from JR Tosu Station, and 10 minutes by car from Tosu Interchange, it features convenient access and is highly popular with J-League fans as an easily accessible and spectator-friendly stadium. Having been completed over 15 years ago, signs of ageing could be seen in the equipment, and so in light of this, as well as the need to comply with new club license conditions introduced by J-League, sequential renovations to some of the equipment have been taking place since 2013. As part of those renovations, the entire surface of the grass field was replaced before the 2015 J-League opening game, and at the same time improvements to the night lighting equipment were carried out. Under J-League regulations, stadiums that hold championship matches other than J3 matches are required to ensure a brightness of more than 1500ℓx at all locations on the field. Accordingly, and in light of how the facility operates, the work this time saw the previously installed 342 units of 1800W HID lamps replaced with the same number of HID ACROSTAR (1500W EYE MULTIMETAL LAMP) floodlights, ensuring a brightness greater than 1500ℓx while also being considerate of the environment. The entire field of the ambient and fun stadium for sports watching is lit with uniform lighting, creating a pleasant night-game lighting environment.



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