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Tsukuba University Soccer FieldTsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture

LEDioc FLOOD AVANT floodlights deliver bright, uniform light for the home of renowned University Soccer powerhouse, Tsukuba University Soccer Club

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  • Producing brightness levels equivalent to 1000W metal halide lamps, illuminance levels are maintained and energy savings are delivered as LEDioc FLOOD AVANT class 400 floodlights illuminate the vivid green artificial turf pitch.

  • Offering low-maintenance benefits with a rated module life of 40000hrs, the ground is brightly illuminated by LED light.

  • High-efficiency LEDioc FLOOD AVANT class 400 floodlights illuminate the pitch, delivering a lighting environment with high levels of uniformity.

  • LEDioc FLOOD AVANT class 400 floodlights mounted in a combination of medium and wide beam angle models.

  • Daytime view of the soccer field, with re-laid artificial turf.


Installation date

March, 2023

Situated within a vast site of 258ha, the campus at the University of Tsukuba is amongst the largest of any National University in Japan, and numerous research institutes and facilities of industry, government and academia have also accumulated around its environs. The university is also famed for its sporting prowess, and the campus itself is well-equipped with facilities for a wide range of activities including athletics, baseball, rugby, tennis, handball and Japanese archery.

The University is also home to a soccer club of great pedigree - a powerhouse of the Kanto University League, of whom many alumni have gone on to enjoy careers in the J League and other international soccer leagues. In March 2023 upgrade works were carried out at the soccer field which serves as the main training base of the team, with the replacement of the artificial turf being accompanied by lighting upgrade works which saw the installation of LEDioc FLOOD AVANT class 400 floodlights to replace the existing 1000W HID lamp installations. Producing levels of brightness equivalent to a 1000W metal halide lamp through a rated maximum consumption of 427W, the new luminaires deliver energy savings whilst also increasing scheme design illuminance levels from 170ℓx to 200ℓx; the additional benefit of being low maintenance is offered through a rated LED module life of 40000hrs. The existing panzer masts were retained while the luminaires and mounting brackets were replaced, and the distribution boards attached to each of the four masts also refurbished. In addition, the electromagnetic switches were newly installed on the cubicle.

Also widely used by other teams including the women's soccer team, the grounds enjoy a comfortable environment under a bright and uniform light where play can also be enjoyed at night.


  • LEDioc FLOOD AVANT class 400 - 56