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Saitama Stadium 2002Saitama City, Saitama Prefectue

An upgrade to the lighting for the pitch for one of the largest soccer-dedicated stadiums in Japan/Asia, realizing a high-quality lighting environment able to handle both general competitions and international tournaments

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  • A view of the pitch from the south-side stands. The world's highest standard natural grass is lit with excellent-color-rendering light to achieve a pleasant visual environment.


Installation date

March, 2015

Saitama Stadium 2002 is one of the largest soccer-dedicated stadiums in Japan/Asia, boasting a scale able to accommodate 63700 spectators. It was used as one of the main venues for the 2002 FIFA World Cup, and is currently widely loved by soccer fans as the home ground for the Urawa Reds J-League professional soccer team, and also as a stadium where many international tournaments are held. Saitama Stadium 2002, which is slated to be a competition venue for soccer at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, carried out work to upgrade its pitch lighting equipment, replacing all of its lighting fittings, lamps, stabilizers, floodlight mounting brackets, and stabilizer mounting boards. In order to achieve the ultimate competition venue lighting for a soccer-dedicated stadium, the same high-output and excellent-colorrendering metal halide lamps were used, with a mixture of short-arc and long-arc types being installed out of consideration for economy and hi-vision television broadcasts. The lighting fixtures were installed in two locations: on the keel section of the roof (the roof's front-most section), and within the truss sections to ensure vertical plane brightness. In order to ensure brightness to enable match continuity in the event of a momentary power outage, short-arc metal halide lamps with an instantaneous re-illumination function were employed. Their use of high-color-rendering lamps makes for vivid lighting of the pitch's natural grass and player uniforms, creating a highquality lighting environment befitting a world-class soccer-dedicated stadium.


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