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Saitama Stadium 2002Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture

Pitch illuminations updated to LED, creating a high-quality lighting environment befitting of one of the largest soccer-specific stadiums in Asia

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  • LED
  • View of the pitch from the South Stand. The world-class pitch is illuminated by high color rendering LED floodlights to create a high-quality lighting environment.

  • High-output LEDioc FLOOD DUELL floodlights are mounted along the keel truss.

  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL floodlights installed in the system truss sections.


Installation date

June, 2021

The largest soccer-specific stadium in Japan and amongst the largest in Asia, the 63700 capacity (includes 150 wheelchair spaces) Saitama Stadium 2002 was one of the key stadia of the 2002 FIFA World Cup; much-loved by many soccer fans, it is presently the home ground of J League soccer side Urawa Reds, and the stadium also hosts amateur level games including at junior high and high school level, in addition to top-level matches such as AFC Champions League games and international matches.

Following the update to LED of the spectator area lighting which was completed back in March 2018, the most recent works saw the main lighting for the 68m x 105m natural turf field of play itself updated to LED. As was the case with the works on the spectator areas, the existing HID floodlights were replaced by high-output LEDioc FLOOD DUELL floodlights, with the number of installed luminaires being increased from 356 to 420 units and increasing illuminance levels, whilst still managing to achieve energy savings; fulfilling the horizontal surface illuminance of 2500ℓx specified by international standards, the pitch is now brighter than ever. Taking into careful consideration that the luminaires were to be mounted along the catwalk at a considerable height, all possible safety measures and precautions were implemented for the installation process, and the luminaires have also been fitted with fall prevention wires to enhance the safety of the installation yet further.

With the colors of the playing surface and players' uniforms bursting to life under the light high color rendering LED floodlights, a stadium enjoys an elite level lighting environment with high levels of uniformity.