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Yakult Swimming School Hachinohe SchoolHachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture

LED indoor pool floodlights brightly and safely illuminate the indoor pools at swimming schools popular with the citizens of Aomori

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  • Changing the lighting to LED has made it possible to reduce power consumption and maintenance costs, while at the same time improving the sense of brightness.


Installation date

January, 2018

Aomori Yakult Swimming School Co., Ltd., opened a swimming school in Aomori City in 1973. After that, the Hachinohe School opened in Hachinohe in 1980, and the Hirosaki School opened in Hirosaki City two years later in 1982, followed by the Aomori East School in Aomori City in 1986, with the company currently operating four swimming schools in Aomori Prefecture.

Starting in December 2018, the Aomori Yakult Swimming School carried out sequential renovation work on its indoor pool lighting, replacing the existing HID lighting fixtures and upgrading them to LEDioc μs LED floodlights for indoor pool use. Significant power savings have been realized while maintaining the stipulated brightness for each school, and post-upgrade feedback from customers has also been positive regarding how much brighter the lighting is.

The indoor pools are efficiently lit with light from LEDs that contribute to maintenance savings with long-life LED modules that have operating lives of 60000 hours, enabling the creation of safe and worry-free lighting environments.


  • LEDioc μs - 18

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