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Meguro City Komaba Gymnasium Indoor PoolMeguro Ward, Tokyo

Using power-saving LED indoor pool lighting fixtures to light a popular community-based city sports facility in safety and comfort

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  • The 6-lane, 25m heated swimming pool is brightly and safely lit with LEDioc CEILING HB LED indoor pool lighting fixtures.


Installation date

March, 2016

Meguro City Komaba Gymnasium is located within the verdant Komabano Park, and offers a full range of facilities, including a PE room where you can enjoy sports such as volleyball, badminton, futsal, and table-tennis, as well as a heated swimming pool, weights room, and tennis courts. It is blessed with great access, being just 5 minutes on foot from Komaba-Tōdaimae Station on the Keio Inokashira Line, and is popular with city residents as a community-based city sports facility. In March of 2016, in connection with renovations to the PE room and indoor pool ceiling, the lighting for the indoor pool was updated to LED lighting fixtures. The previous lighting was custom-made and ceiling suspended, and used mercury lamps for light sources, but with the upgrade it was decided to avoid custom-made and instead use LED lighting that could be used for a long time while also keeping electricity expenses under control. The result of the upgrade to LEDioc CEILING HB LED indoor pool lighting fixtures is brighter, and also looks good. The lights are dimmable, so the brightness can be adjusted, and they have been set to a brightness the same level as that before the upgrade. With renovations also carried out on the ceiling, the entire indoor pool has been given a facelift, and is lit in safety and comfort by LED lighting that is superior in terms of both cost and maintenance savings.


  • LEDioc CEILING HB - 28

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