Sports Lighting Swimming Pool

Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming CenterKoto Ward, Tokyo

Bright, comfortable, and safe LED lighting to illuminate the spiritual home of swimming which has been a bedrock of swimming in Japan

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  • LED
  • Overall view of the single-story arena, where the main pool is housed. With additional consideration given to safety, the LEDioc FLOOD DUELL for Indoor Pools 800W type floodlights illuminating spacious area are also fitted with fall protection wires.

  • The 10-lane, 50m x 25m international standard main pool (8 lanes for competition standard) has capacity for 5000 spectators.

  • The airy space from which also offers a view of the canal, is illuminated with the breezy light of LEDioc FLOOD DUELL for Indoor Pools 800W type floodlights to create a high-quality lit environment.

  • High-powered LEDioc FLOOD DUELL for Indoor Pools 800W type floodlights mounted along the catwalk.

  • Nighttime view of the Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center. Taking inspiration from the image of waterfowl flapping their wings on the water's surface, the striking design of the roof brings an added textural richness to the setting.


Installation date

February, 2020

Situated in a verdant area adjacent to Tatsuminomori Seaside Park and Tatsuminomori Ryokudo Park, the Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center was opened in 1993 aiming to help promote the wellbeing of the region's people, and also to support the development competitive sports in the area; as one of the central swimming facilities in the Tokyo area, the venue is equipped with a main pool, sub-pool and a diving pool, and with capacity for 5000 spectators (with temporary seating) it is one amongst the largest accredited swimming venues in the country.

Lighting improvement works carried out in March 2019 saw the existing lighting scheme upgraded to LED, with specialist LEDioc FLOOD DUELL for Indoor Pools 800W type floodlights illuminating the main pool in a scheme designed to provide a design illuminance of >1500ℓx at 1m above the pool surface, as per FINA (International Swimming Federation) criteria for competition standard.

In order to satisfy the requirement for the floodlights to be mounted on the same catwalk as the existing installation, in addition to needing to satisfy the demanding design specifications, a carefully planned combination of medium beam, wide beam, and super wide beam angle models of the floodlights was utilized in the creation of an optimal lighting environment that also makes significant contributions towards energy savings.


  • LEDioc CEILING HB for Indoor Pools - 7

  • Bespoke LEDioc FLOOD DUELL for Indoor Pools 800W type - 104