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Sports Lighting Gymnasium

Keimei Gakuen Elementary School GymnasiumAkishima City, Tokyo

LED light brightly and safely illuminates the gymnasium at an elementary school that is surrounded by extensive greenery and boasts excellent facilities.

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  • The gymnasium, which is used for a variety of purposes, is illuminated with Simple Model 80W Class 1500 LEDioc HIGH-BAY Γ LED lights, creating a pleasant and highly uniform lighting environment.


Installation date

August, 2020

Keimei Gakuen Elementary School is a private elementary school located in Akishima City, Tokyo. Situated on vast grounds just under 99200m² in size and blessed with an abundance of nature, the school provides an environment where children can feel the changes of the seasons with all of their senses, and fosters their ability to think, make decisions, and express themselves while also nurturing their many emotions. Keimei Gakuen has a long history, and celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2020. Keimei Gakuen is a comprehensive educational institution comprising a kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, and high school. These schools have inherited the ideals of its founder, who opened the school with a philosophy of "education that enables active participation in international society". Its schools offer education closely aligned with the needs of each individual student, of which more than 30% (more than 40% at the elementary school) are returnees or foreign nationals, referred to as "international students". One of the features of the school is that students are able to gain a mutual appreciation for diversity as they study in an internationally diverse environment.

In August of 2020, Keimei Gakuen carried out renovations on its primary school gymnasium, upgrading the lighting to use LEDs. The existing 400W metal halide lamps and 220W halogen lamps were replaced with the same number of Simple Model 80W Class 1500 LEDioc HIGH-BAY Γ LED high ceiling lighting fixtures, ensuring the same or a greater level of brightness to the previous lighting while also making significant power savings. Glare had been a minor concern when making the switch to LED, but fortunately the lighting environment now allows us to comfortably play badminton, volleyball, and other sports and activities that involve looking upwards without feeling any unpleasant glare. While the gymnasium is used for lessons, club activities, events such as entrance and graduation ceremonies, and occasionally for club activities for the junior and senior high school students, it also serves as an evacuation center in times of emergency, so special attention was paid to safety. The light fixtures have been equipped with anti-drop wires to create a safe environment. There is no air conditioning system currently installed in the gymnasium, extremes in temperature in both summer and winter can be an issue. However, the LED light fixtures can function normally within a wide range of temperatures (between -20℃ and +40℃) and they can even be used in the extreme heat of summer, upwards of 50℃. In addition to this, the ease in which the LED can be turned on an off without delay make these light fixtures a valuable addition.

We are very satisfied with the results of the upgrade to LED lighting, which has resulted in a much brighter, safer, and more comfortable lighting environment.


  • LEDioc HIGH-BAY Γ Simple Model 80W - 44

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