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Saga Prefectural Shinrin Park, Midorinomori Prefectural Baseball StadiumSaga City, Saga Prefecture

A switch to LED lighting for night games at a leading baseball stadium in Saga Prefecture realizes a pleasant visual environment that contributes to power and maintenance savings

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  • LED
  • Shaped in a perfect circle out of consideration for the surrounding landscape, the baseball stadium is illuminated by 830W/560W type LEDioc FLOOD DUELL lights, creating a pleasant visual environment while achieving significant power savings.


Installation date

March, 2020

The Midorinomori Prefectural Baseball Stadium was established in April 1999 on the grounds of Saga Prefectural Shinrin Park, and is a full-fledged baseball stadium with a comprehensive range of facilities enabling it to host official amateur baseball games such as high school baseball games as well as professional baseball games. The stadium has a 122m center field, 99.1m foul-lines, and a seating capacity of approximately 16500 people. In 2001 had night-game lighting equipment using HID floodlights installed, along with a lighting control panel that controls lighting patterns in five stages depending on the field's purpose of use, from recreational to professional baseball. In this lighting equipment refurbishment, the aging lighting equipment was upgraded from HID lighting to LED lighting, while the lighting control panel was upgraded to one with a liquid-crystal touch-panel.

The upgrade kept the same five-stage lighting pattern as before, while also keeping the existing power supply equipment to a minimum, and six lighting towers were repurposed to replace the previous HID floodlights with the same number of 830W/560W type LEDioc FLOOD DUELL high-power LED floodlights. Previously, professional baseball games had required a great deal of electricity, but the replacement of the lights with highly efficient, high-power, and long-life LED lighting is expected to result in significant power savings while also creating a highly uniform lighting environment.

The stadium is scheduled to be used as a venue for high school baseball games as part of the National Sports Festival of Japan, which is due to be held in Saga Prefecture in 2024.



    830W type - 486

    560W type - 6

  • Electric Bug Killer - 6

  • Lighting Control System ITACS-LC - 1

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