Billboard Lighting

Valor Supermarket, Kusatsu Oroshimo BranchKusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture

Lighting for comfort at the parking lot of a large supermarket, with a lighting scheme designed around balance and uniformity

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  • LED
  • Producing a natural and open ambiance through the gentle light of the LEDioc AREA RAMUS pole lights positioned around its central area, the parking lot benefits from a lighting environment with high levels of uniformity.

  • LEDioc AREA RAMUS pole lights maintain illuminance levels more than the equal of 300W mercury vapor lamps.

  • Contributing towards energy savings, LEDioc FLOOD NEO class 80 floodlights brightly illuminate the signage and improve visibility at night.

  • LED floodlights LEDioc FLOOD NEO class 80 in situ.

  • Making use of luminaires that had reached the end of their use, UNIS Stick Short is a recycled and sustainable LED luminaire.

  • With its feature of the light distribution that reduce glare, UNIS Stick Short illuminates sidewalks while being considerate of the surroundings.


Installation date

June, 2023

Opened July 2022 in Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture, the Kusatsu Oroshimo Branch of the food centered supermarket chain Valor is the 17th to be opened in Shiga Prefecture and the 23rd in the Kansai region, joining a network of over 240 stores across various regions Japan. Situated on a roadside location, the store is set within a vast single-storey steel frame building spanning 14495.12m², and offers on-site parking for around 200 vehicles.

'Balance' was a key consideration in the lighting design scheme for the parking area, seeking to deliver uniformity across the exterior areas whilst remaining mindful not to disturb the tranquility of its surroundings. With the aim of maintaining ample illuminance levels across the parking area, LEDioc AREA RAMUS pole top luminaires have been positioned effectively around the central areas in a scheme that delivers overall illuminance that is both well balanced and environmentally designed. With a gentle light linking to the perimeter areas where LEDioc FLOOD NEO floodlights have been positioned, the pedestrian walkway directly beneath is also securely illuminated.

Meanwhile, the pedestrian walkway linking the store to the access road is illuminated by UNIS Stick Short LED luminaire which feature a simple and refined design; rhythmically projecting light and shade onto the path surface, the scheme also benefits customers who visit the store by foot. Unconstrained by the uniform luminaire selection of the existing scheme, the well-balanced positioning of luminaires in the new scheme has produced a lighting environment that delivers energy savings in addition to a pleasant and secure ambiance at night.


  • LEDioc AREA RAMUS - 4

  • UNIS Stick Short - 2

  • LEDioc FLOOD NEO class 80 - 16