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GEO-YA, Hasune 2-Chome StoreItabashi Ward, Tokyo

Bright, uniform signboard lighting for an inviting entrance into a new style of store

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  • LED
  • With its outstanding light distribution characteristics, LEDioc CUTLASS type-S illuminates the signboard evenly and uniformly.


Installation date

January, 2021

GEO Holdings Corporation has launched the latest addition to its business portfolio, GEO-YA, which joins its other existing group businesses such as the home media store GEO, and the reuse store Second Street. GEO-YA represents the first venture into the food retail industry by GEO Holdings Corporation, and the Hasune 2-Chome store which opened in the Itabashi Ward of Tokyo in January 2021 is its maiden store. With a product offering including items such as coffee, baked potatoes, bread, snacks, drinks, ice cream, cigarettes and alcohol, a key feature of the store is a commitment to not stock ready meals, side dishes or everyday goods that generate excess waste. The store also employs other unique initiatives, such as the installation of self-service checkouts in order to minimize costs, and a membership scheme where an annual fee of just ¥500 allows members to enjoy a discount of 10% on many of the in-store items.

The need for a lighting solution which offered a bright, high color rendering light, with a high level of water resistance, led to the selection of LEDioc CUTLASS type-S for the signboard lighting to illuminate the storefront. With site boundary constraints ruling out the use of mounting arms as a possible installation arrangement, the LEDioc CUTLASS type-S with its product width of 150mm also presented an effective solution for circumventing the boundary issue. Furthermore with the signboard measuring approximately 1m in height, there was a necessity for the luminaires to be capable of covering the elongated signboard in a clean and uniform light.

Matching the warm color tones of the GEO-YA design scheme, the high color rendering lighting installation is designed to ensure any reflection of the light source on the signboard remains discreet and minimal, resulting in a bright and beautifully illuminated storefront at night.


  • LEDioc CUTLASS type-S - 5

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