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Shinsaibashi OPAOsaka City, Osaka

LED lighting illuminates a commercial building popular with young people to create attractive night scenery befitting a vibrant cityscape

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  • LED
  • Direct-mounted type LEDioc FLOOD URBANVIEW DIRECT lights that protrude only a little brightly and evenly illuminate the signboards.


Installation date

May, 2019

Shinsaibashi OPA is a fashion building featuring great access via direct connection to the subway's Shinsaibashi Station, and a great location on Midosuji Boulevard at the entranceway to American Village. Many department stores, luxury brand stores, and select shops and the like are located in Shinsaibashi OPA, which is in an area of the bustling city that is particularly lively even for Osaka.

In May of 2019, the building carried out work to change its signboard lighting and the lighting that shines on its curtain walls to LED. For the curtain wall lighting, which had used floodlights with 150W ceramic metal halide lamps as light sources, custom-made LED floodlights were used, with the lighting design paying attention to having the building appear to be floating when seen from Midosuji Boulevard Intersection, keeping the existing atmosphere intact and connecting lines of light across strata levels.

For the signboard lighting, taking into account the borders to the road, LEDioc FLOOD URBANVIEW DIRECT LED floodlights were installed to cleanly illuminate the signboards while protruding only a little. Attractive night scenery befitting a leading downtown area in Osaka has been created by using LED lighting that makes buildings more attractive, and reductions in power consumption have also been achieved.


  • Custom-made LED Floodlight - 517


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