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Echizen Ono CastleOno City, Fukui Prefecture

Creating magical night-time scenery using LED floodlights to allow Echizen Ono Castle to "float" as a castle in the sky

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  • LED
  • Illuminated in LED light, Echizen Ono Castle floats above the mountain, creating a magical atmosphere.


Installation date

August, 2015

Echizen Ono Castle is a flatland-mountain castle towering over Kameyama, located at an elevation of 249m in the Ono Basin, situated in the midwest section of Ono City. The Castle has recently been getting attention with the catchphrase of "a castle in the sky". Built over a period of five years from 1575, Echizen Ono Castle is a symbol of Ono City, and the current castle tower was rebuilt in 1968. The Ono Basin is surrounded by mountains in all four directions, and from spring until autumn, when the area is blanketed in morning mist, you can see Echizen Ono Castle floating on a sea of clouds - "a castle in the sky". Illumination of the Castle had previously taken place, and with the change to LED lighting, the building's white plaster walls are all the more prominent, creating a magical atmosphere. The change to LED lighting aimed for power savings along with increased brightness compared to the previously installed HID floodlights. LED floodlights (LEDioc FLOOD BLITZ 400W) were installed on the existing lighting poles, and the light distribution was carefully scrutinized to ensure proper illumination from those same positions. The floodlights are painted with the designated color of dark brown, taking harmony with the surrounding environment into account. Furthermore, there were no floodlights on the western side of the castle, so lighting poles and LED floodlights were added there. With the addition of one lighting pole, a night-time view of the castle can be seen from 360°, at any location in the town, with Echizen Ono Castle creating some magical night-time scenery floating on top of the mountain.


  • LEDioc FLOOD BRITZ 400W TYPE - 10

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