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Naruko Dam IlluminationsOsaki City, Miyagi Prefecture

Magnificent, multi-colored illuminations for the 94.5m high dam

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  • LED
  • Illuminations in an autumnal theme.

  • Illuminations in a rainbow pattern.

  • Illuminations in purple.

  • Illuminations in white.

  • Wave illumination pattern.

  • Factoring in the potential for snowfall from the upper left bank, LEDioc FLOOD DUELL and LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR units are housed in a covered frame.

  • Depending on the location of the installation, the LED floodlights are housed in a covered frame; the frame to the lower right bank acts as a protective measure against falling rocks.

  • Color-changing LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR floodlights placed by the discharge valve.

  • LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR units installed at the top section.

  • Control panel of the ITACS lighting control system. A wide variety of displays and lighting configurations can be set with ease from the control room.


Installation date

March, 2021

Designated as a multipurpose dam, Naruko Dam was built in 1957 with the aims of providing a flood defense, water to irrigate the arable land of Osaki, and hydroelectric power. As an authentic arched concrete dam at 100m level constructed solely by Japanese workers and without being dependent upon foreign engineers, its significance as a historical structure has been recognized on account of being the first purely domestically constructed dam in Japan, receiving accreditation from the Japan Society of Civil Engineers in 2016.

In normal years, during the period of consecutive public holidays in May, water from the dam which is by then brimming from the melting of the snow, is released simultaneously through the 8 discharge gates of the overflow rim at the upper part of the dam to create a screened waterfall effect. With water falling from a height of approximately 90m and creating an effect reminiscent of a bamboo screen, this event is well-known all across the country, and has become one of recognizable scenes associated with the nearby Naruko Hot Springs.

With the Naruko Dam being illuminated during certain seasons and events, such as the autumnal turning of the leaves, and the ‘bamboo screen falls', works were undertaken to update the lighting for the nighttime illuminations from the existing mercury vapor lamps to LED. In addition to the predominantly white lighting used for standard application purposes which is provided by high-efficiency LEDioc FLOOD DUELL floodlights, color-changing LEDioc FULL-COLOR entertainment-use floodlights have been installed to illuminate points of interest such as the ‘bamboo screen falls' and the arched waterfall emanating from the discharge valve. With the scheme all being interconnected through a DMX controls system, this allows for a wide variety of lighting displays through the manipulation of variables such as color-changing, the mixing of light and shade, and staged flickering, resulting in a joyous lighting scheme where the symphony of natural scenery, water, sounds, and now light can be enjoyed as the seasons change throughout the year.



    240W type - 6

    160W type - 2

    120W type - 16

  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 560W type - 6

  • ITACS Control System - 1