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Ashikaga Orihime JinjaAshikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture

LED floodlights provide magical illumination for a shrine widely known as a symbol of Ashikaga

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  • LED
  • Halfway up the side of the mountain, the dignified shrine is illuminated to create a magical atmosphere.


Installation date

September, 2017

Ashikaga Orihime Jinja is a shrine halfway up Mount Orihime, which is close to the central area of Ashikaga City in Tochigi Prefecture. Ashikaga is an area that has long had a prosperous history with weaving, and the shrine is where the guardian in deity of Ashikaga, which boasts more than 1200 years of weaving-industry history and culture, is enshrined. The deity itself has been well known since olden times as a God of industry promotion and matchmaking, and the main shrine building is a registered tangible cultural property. The shrine compound offers a sweeping view of the urban area of Ashikaga, the Watarase River, and the Kanto Plain, and the scenery at night is also popular, being acknowledged as a "national night-scenery treasure", "holy ground for lovers", and one of "Japan's famous hundred moon-views", which provides incentive for the location's many visitors. 2017 marks the 80th anniversary of the shrine's deity transfer, and as part of a commemoration project, work was carried out to repaint the main building from red to a brilliant vermilion. LEDioc FLOOD SPOLART LED floodlights were also installed in place of the existing mercury lamps for the illumination of the main shrine building, which has been taking place for some time, with the new lighting achieving large-scale power savings while increasing brightness. Dignified illumination of the main shrine building displays the beautiful contrast of the vermillion and the green rust of the copper roof, creating a magical atmosphere that differs from the effect during the day. The illumination is automatically controlled and continues from evening until the morning, and when seen from the city, the shrine building seems to float against the belly of the mountain, creating charming night-time scenery that is a well-known symbol of the city.


  • LEDioc FLOOD SPOLART 160W Type - 6

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