Road Lighting Motorway

Kumamoto Nishi Kanjo RoadKumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture

Using LED light to safely light a new road contributing to improved traffic access

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  • The area around the Izumi IC at night. The newly opened dedicated highway is lit in comfort and safety using LEDioc ROAD lights


Installation date

February, 2017

Kumamoto Nishi Kanjo Road is a dedicated highway with a total length of 12km that passes through the eastern side of the base of the mountains in the Mt. Kinpo mountain system. Connecting the Kumamoto Minato Line and National Route 3, it is accessible via 6 interchanges (ICs) and has a speed service level of 80km/hr (with a temporary oncoming traffic passing speed of 70km/hr).

Forming part of the Kumamoto Kanjo Road, the route supports convenience in the western section of Kumamoto City, and March of 2017 saw the opening of its Hanazono section.

On the same section lies the Mitsugu Tunnel, which has a total length of 700m. For the tunnel's installed lighting equipment, LEDioc TUNNEL LED tunnel lighting fixtures for tunnel use were installed. The lights feature large-scale power and maintenance savings, and safely light the tunnel interior. Furthermore, in the areas around the Izumi IC and Hanazono IC, the light is concentrated on the road side, so LEDioc ROAD LED roadlights with a high brightness-utilization coefficient were used to comfortably and safely light the dedicated highway with their efficient light.


  • LEDioc ROAD - 81

  • LEDioc TUNNEL - 177