Road Lighting Motorway

Ken-O ExpresswayOkegawa City / Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture

New highway linking the Okegawa Kitamoto and Shiraoka Shobu exit features LED lighting that will save energy and increase safety.

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  • The area around the Okegawa Kano exit and entrance ramps during the day.


Installation date

January, 2016

The 300km Metropolitan Intercity Expressway, often called the Ken-O expressway, has a radius that extends 40-60km from the center of the city. A new 58km extension, in the state of Saitama, is now complete with last October's opening of an 11km section between the Okegawa Kitamoto and Shiraoka Shobu exit.

The new highway has created a remarkable improvement in traffic flow, now that the Tomei, Chou, Kan-Etsu and Tohoku expressways are all linked. The new road also included construction of the 2.65km Okegawa tunnel.

Iwasaki LED lighting fixtures were specified for both the expressways and the tunnel in order to achieve even light distribution on all road surfaces for maximum safety. The specially designed roadway fixtures save energy, and create a superior visual environment for drivers.


  • (the total of the fixtures between Okegawa Kitamoto and Shiraoka Shobu exit)

    LEDioc TUNNEL - 1412

  • LEDioc ROAD - 154

  • LEDioc FLOOD BLITZ 400W - 8

  • Hybrid energy light powered by solar - 2