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ESCO Project for LED upgrades of Kure City Roads and Parks Lighting InstallationsKure City, Hiroshima Prefecture

Contributing towards creating a pleasant and secure townscape through an ESCO financed LED upgrade project

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  • From an elevation of 737m, the nighttime view from the Haigamine Observatory out over the downtown area of Kure City where a total of over 7000 luminaires have been updated to LED across its roads and parks.

  • Nighttime view of the Central Park which is located near to the City Hall and is widely enjoyed as a place of rest and relaxation. Optimizing the design of the existing luminaires, the installation has been updated with LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L pole lights to complement its surroundings.

  • Kuramoto Street in the downtown area, where the existing cityscape has been maintained through the installation of LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L pole lights in classic option to match the electrodeless lamp design of existing luminaires, and painting them in the khaki color of Kure City's scenery.

  • Nighttime view of Kure Portopia Park. Retaining the existing columns and mounting them with new LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L pole lights, a lighting environment with a spacious feel has been created.

  • View of the popular Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) Kure Museum and also the Kure Maritime Museum, where updating the road light source to LEDioc ROAD is promoting energy savings.

  • With the lighting across the whole park updated to LED, an emphasis upon design saw the retention of the luminaires in Tenno Park, with only the lamps being replaced by LEDioc LED LIGHT BULB K lamps.

  • Nighttime view of Kure Portopia Park, which with an area of 6.8ha is the largest in Kure City. Making the most of the classic style of the luminaires, they were retained with only the lamps being replaced with LEDioc LED LIGHT BULB K lamps.

  • Situated in Yutakamachi on Osaki-shimojima Island which sits in the Seto Inland Sea, the nighttime view of the conservation area of Mitarai Town which is designated as an Important National Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. Replacing only the light source for the existing luminaires with LEDioc LED LIGHT BULB K lamps, their high design values have been respected and maintained.

  • LEDioc LED LIGHT BULB K lamps have been retrofitted into the luminaires illuminating the area around the main gate of Kure Portopia Park, providing a lighting scene that remains faithful to its predecessor whilst delivering bright, uniform light levels.

  • Compact and lightweight with a rated LED module life of 90000hrs to offer low maintenance benefits, LEDioc TUNNEL KAEN luminaires deliver light to brightly and safely illuminate the Agakita Tunnel which spans 85m in length and 7m in breadth.

  • With the entire city updated to LED lighting, the lighting facilities managed by the city of Kure are all maintained through a centralized lighting management system.


Installation date

March, 2023

With the implementation of an ESCO scheme, the entirety of the roads and parks lighting stock managed by the city of Kure underwent a program of LED upgrade works in March 2023. Following an impartial review process, Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd. was selected as the representative company for the project, being entrusted to deliver an all-encompassing service including the upgrade to LED of all facilities within scope of the agreement, changing of energy contracts, establishment of management systems and the data management thereof, maintenance and investigation works, and verification of energy saving benefits, over a contract of 15 years. The LED upgrade works were implemented to maintain the existing illuminance levels provided by the previous installation whilst delivering wide scale energy savings through more lightweight and compact installations. With consideration for security and the minimization of light pollution being a given, the key considerations in creating a coordinated lighting environment across the entire project to accentuate the beauty of Kure City included keeping the scenery that makes it a conservation area and effectively reusing the existing installations. With a total of 7408 luminaires across the roads and parks of the city being updated to LED in a single project phase, energy consumption has been reduced by approximately 80%, with an expected reduction in annual CO₂ reductions of 1734 tons.

The implementation of a centralized lighting management system has also made maintenance and management of the installations markedly more efficient, as any issues or malfunctions can be recognized and swiftly responded to through coordination of the administration number and contact details recorded on the column of each road and park luminaire. Updating to LED light which promotes energy savings and has a gentler impact upon its environment, the aim was to create a safe and bright setting befitting of a place like Kure City.

* Energy Service Companies (abbr. ESCO) are enterprises that implement projects to reduce energy costs, covering the costs of the renovation works from within the savings achieved.


  • LEDioc ROAD - 1375

  • LEDioc STREET - 3318

  • LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L - 1596

  • LEDioc TUNNEL KAEN Series - 161

  • LEDioc LED LIGHT BULB K - 387