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Yotsuba Mirai ParkMoriguchi City, Osaka

Mindful of its surroundings, an LED lighting scheme delivering a bright and secure setting for a new park teeming with local pride

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  • LED
  • The toddlers and children's playground area, where in times of emergencies, AC100 output type LEDioc AREA D type LED Solar lights can also act as an emergency power source in addition to providing light.

  • Evening view of the natural turf field, where the fresh light of LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L and LEDioc AREA D type luminaires bathes the park in a comfortable and secure glow at night.

  • LEDioc AREA D type LED Solar lights are installed by the park map.

  • The simple design of LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L LED pole lights sees them also complementing the daytime scenery.

  • LEDioc FOOTLIGHT Ground Recessed type luminaires are installed between the park signage and benches to create an effectively illuminated space.


Installation date

March, 2023

Situated in Okubo Town, Moriguchi City, Yotsuba Mirai Park was built upon the redeveloped site of a former school, and opened in March 2023. The park is equipped with an array of equipment and facilities including an all-purpose open space, natural turf field, playground equipment, gym room, and meeting room, in addition to facilities that enable it to be used as a disaster prevention base, such as an emergency supplies storehouse, emergency toilets and emergency pergola. With respect and appreciation for the facilities and spirit of the school that formerly occupied the site, the park was built to serve as a hub of learning, interaction and activities for the community.

Featuring a simple design that allows it to blend harmoniously with its surroundings, the LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L LED pole lights which provide the illumination within the park are part of a lighting scheme which is mindful of its neighboring environment, with design calculations around the distribution curves of the luminaires determining their positioning to maintain suitable illuminance levels. Additionally, 10 units of LEDioc AREA D type LED solar lights have been installed to provide an emergency power source during disasters.

With LED light that is contributing towards energy savings and environmental protection, the park is illuminated in a comfortable and secure light to create a lighting scene befitting a park cherished by its community.


  • LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L - 25

  • LEDioc FOOTLIGHT Ground Recessed type - 12

  • LED Solar Light LEDioc AREA D type - 10