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Mizushima Central ParkKurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture

A park with disaster-prevention functionality and well-known to citizens as a place of relaxation is lit in safety and comfort with LED light

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  • LED
  • The LEDioc AREA TECHNORAY LED streetlights and LED Solar Lights contribute to power and maintenance savings, and brightly light the lawn area, increasing safety at night.

  • A night-time view of the area around the manhole toilets, close to the Sumo ring. The environmentally friendly LED Solar Lights generate green electricity from natural energy and can be used as emergency power sources in the unlikely event of a natural disaster.

  • The lawn area during the day. The LEDioc AREA TECHNORAY LED streetlights have a simple design that blends in with the daytime scenery.

  • An LED Solar Light (LEDioc STREET 40VA type) with an attached AC 100V output outlet.


Installation date

March, 2018

Mizushima Central Park is a verdant park in the Mizushima district of Kurashiki City. With premises including sports facilities such as a softball ground, tennis courts, pool, and Sumo ring, and also featuring large playground equipment, a lawn area and a fountain area, it is used by a wide range of people, from children to seniors. Kurashiki City is progressing in an orderly fashion with its Mizushima Refresh Plan, which is aimed at the revitalization of the Mizushima district, and carried out renovation work on the park, which is a pillar of the plan's tangible infrastructure. In addition to the newly established lawn area and park walkways, lighting to increase safety at night was installed, along with evacuation lanes and solar lights near the toilets in order to strengthen the disaster-prevention functionality of Mizushima Central Park, which is a designated evacuation area. The citizens will now have lighting equipment that will be able to evacuate them to safety even in the unlikely event of a power outage.


  • LED Solar Light (LEDioc STREET 40VA type) - 15