Area Lighting Park Lighting

Maenouchi Children's ParkHitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Light pleasantly illuminates the wide open park with facilities to hold various events

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  • HID
  • HID Post-Top fixtures were placed in various areas of the flow line to create a place where people can relax comfortably with peace of mind, even at night. EYE CERA ARC lamp with excellent colour rendition has been used to envelop the park with an unobstructed view in soft light.

  • Lucie Stella is installed along the park paths. Impact and crash resistance polycarbonate globe is used.

  • Lucie Stella' s clear globe with prismatic reflector illuminates the park brilliantly but with perfectly controlled light distribution.



  • HID Post-Top - 3

  • Street washer - 2

  • 150W EYE CERA ARC - 3

  • 50W EYE SDX - 2