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Honnomori-Chuo (Chuo City Kyobashi Library & Chuo City Local Museum) - Exterior LightingChuo Ward, Tokyo

Gentle exterior lighting for a metropolitan cultural facility with green

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  • LED
  • Nighttime view of the "Tsudoi-no-Mori", an oasis of greenery within the heart of the capital. With a subtle and refined light, LEDioc APPROACH QUALLIS type-D luminaires serve to create an air of serenity.

  • View from the upper level terraces over the thick grasses of the "Tsudoi-no-Mori".

  • The design of LEDioc APPROACH QUALLIS type-D luminaires allows them to blend harmoniously with their surroundings, whilst delivering low-glare light.

  • Compact LEDioc UNO class 10 floodlights with integrated drivers are installed around the "Tsudoi-no-Mori" to provide spotlighting.

  • Evening view of the airy glass building, which is open until 9PM on weekdays and Saturdays, attracting many visitors on their way back from work.

  • Resin-loaded LEDioc RECT luminaires have been installed along the balustrades of the main steps leading to the upper floor, providing them with a safe light.

  • Resin-loaded LEDioc RECT luminaires installed along the balustrade of the main steps.

  • LEDioc AREA CELENE pole top luminaires are installed by the entrance area of the car park on the ground level.

  • Surrounded by greenery, the rooftop gardens are softly illuminated below eye level by LEDioc APPROACH QUALLIS type-D luminaires.

  • The observation deck at the back of the rooftop garden, where LEDioc Moisture-Proof type LINE UNIT luminaires brightly and safely illuminate the deck floor.

  • LEDioc Moisture-Proof type LINE UNIT luminaires in situ.


Installation date

October, 2022

Situated in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, the Honnomori-Chuo cultural complex is home to the Kyobashi Library and Local Museum, as well as a multi-purpose hall and a cafe. Spanning six levels above ground plus one subterranean level, the main building is designed as a multilayered space in the image of a forest, and has at its heart a concept of being a "Lifelong learning space for the area to be enjoyed by children and adults alike, where history and culture can be passed on into the future". The city center location of the facility is surrounded by offices, restaurants, and high rise residential blocks, and since its opening in December 2022 it has been widely used by a broad range of people across all ages.

The exterior lighting scheme was designed to complement how the buildings have been positioned in a way that effectively accentuates the warmth of the trees around it, whilst also maintaining safe illuminance levels and generating a sense of comfort and warmth. The "Tsudoi-no-Mori" which can be accessed from the second floor is a restful space with thickets of grass, where visitors are able to sit and read on a bench or enjoy a gentle stroll. There is a rooftop garden with an observation deck on the sixth floor, where people can enjoy a relaxing and comfortable space as they gaze out over the metropolitan cityscape.

The "Tsudoi-no-Mori" and the rooftop gardens are lit by luminaires which effectively control brightness whilst producing a light to accentuate their setting, such as LEDioc APPROACH QUALLIS type-D approach lights and LEDioc UNO floodlights, with the considered selection of luminaires appropriate to each setting and area resulting in a lighting scheme which is at one with its verdant surroundings.


  • LEDioc MULTILINE - 5

  • LEDioc UNO

    class 10 - 48

    class 30 - 6

  • LEDioc LED EYE LAMP Beam Light Bulb type - 5

  • LEDioc APPROACH QUALLIS type-D - 36

  • LEDioc RECT - 8

  • LEDioc Moisture-proof type LINE UNIT - 19

  • LEDioc Foot Light - 16

  • LEDioc AREA CELENE - 2