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Kumamoto City, City-Wide Parks LightingKumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture

Harmonized across the parks of Kumamoto City, a pleasant, warmly illuminated nightscape is created through a city-wide program of parks lighting upgrades to LED

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  • The nightscape of Ishigamiyama Park. Located at the foot of Mt. Kinpo with its rich green surroundings, the park features an array of facilities such as a barbecue area and a dog park.

  • Making use of the existing design of the luminaires in Ishigamiyama Park, the change to LED has been effected through switching the lamps to LEDioc LED LIGHT BULB.

  • Kibe Central Park, which runs alongside the former Tenmeishin River. Its sports field, sand area and lawn areas are bathed in the gentle glow of the LEDioc LED LIGHT BULB, which also provides benefits on a maintenance level thanks to its rated 40000 hours lamp life.

  • Keeping the existing design-orientated luminaires of Kibe Central Park, the lamps were replaced with LEDioc LED LIGHT BULB, creating a lighting environment which is both energy efficient as well as comfortable and reassuring.

  • Karikusa Central Park, located adjacent to Nishi-Kumamoto Station. Through pairing the 2700K LEDioc LED LIGHT BULB with the classical design of the street lights, the atmosphere of the park is faithfully preserved.

  • Retaining the existing street luminaires of Karikusa Central Park with their classic design, the installation has been upgraded to LED through replacement of only the lamp and control gear.

  • Nakashima Central Park nightscape. A relaxed setting is created through the energy-saving LED light which illuminates the park's various facilities, including playground areas, a softball field, and walkways which also double as walking courses.

  • The long-life, high color rendering LEDioc LED LIGHT BULB in action in Nakashima Central Park.

  • Nightscape of Kusunoki Central Park, which is situated close to a junior high school, a kindergarten, and an apartment complex. The use of very warm white lighting helps to create a nighttime setting that conveys a feeling of warmth and comfort.

  • Recreating the omnidirectional light distribution produced by an HID lamp, the combination of LEDioc LED LIGHT BULB with the existing luminaires of Kusunoki Central Park ensures that ample brightness is provided.

  • The lawn areas, playground equipment, pedestrian routes, and other assorted facilities of Kakihara Park, lit under the reassuring light of LEDioc LED LIGHT BULB.

  • The Incandescent (2700K) LEDioc LED LIGHT BULB in Kakihara Park.


Installation date

April, 2021

With a plan to reduce energy consumption across the parks under their management, in 2020 the city of Kumamoto carried out a city-wide blanket upgrade of all luminaires to LED across the 550 parks where public lighting was installed, aiming to create a lighting environment with a comforting and reassuring ambience, whilst also effectively addressing the relevant environmental considerations.

The costs of this work were minimized through the use of the LED lamp LEDioc LED LIGHT BULB, which allowed for the existing luminaires to be retained by simply replacing the light source and control gear used in them. Retention of the familiar existing luminaires through replacing only the light source with LED allowed for the preservation of the existing ambience of the park, whilst also effecting widespread energy savings. With a city-wide street lighting upgrade to LED already in progress, the incandescent color used in the lighting of residential areas in this scheme was also selected for the parks lighting, designed to envelop the parks in a warm light and whilst also creating a coordinated and harmonized nightscape.

Contributing towards energy savings and also creating an improved sense of safety during the night, the change to LED lighting has been well received by citizens, who have noted that the parks feel brighter.



    29W(Incandescent) - 222

    56W(Incandescent) - 196

    70W(Incandescent) - 383

    103W(Incandescent) - 297

  • LEDioc LED LIGHT BULB Series(Incandescent) - 122

  • LEDioc FLOOD SPOLART 210W type(Incandescent) - 24