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Keio Corporation Fujimigaoka RailyardSuginami Ward, Tokyo

A change to LED lighting for a railyard on the Keio Inokashira Line brings reduced power consumption and maintenance savings

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  • LED
  • LEDioc CEILING HB type-F lights have been installed, achieving a combination of a highly uniform, pleasant lighting environment and large-scale power savings with even light distribution over a wide area.


Installation date

October, 2017

Keio Corporation's Fujimigaoka Railyard is located alongside the Keio Inokashira Line between the stations of Fujimigaoka and Kugayama, next to the Kanda River, and has enough storage line to store all carriages. It was established in 1966, and is equipped with facilities that enable some general and major-component inspections. In October of 2016, Keio Corporation completed a changeover at the Fujimigaoka Railyard to LED lighting. A brightness greater than or equivalent to the previous 400W mercury lamps has been ensured, with the light sources upgraded to downward-facing LEDioc CEILING HB type-F lights in order to suppress glare experienced by workers and train drivers. Higher output and wide-angle light distribution have increased the light-spread, which has improved uniformity compared to the previous lighting. The longlife LED modules have a lifespan of 60000 hours, and contribute to largescale reductions in power consumption, as well as maintenance savings.


  • LEDioc CEILING HB type-F - 59


    100W - 3

    40W - 9

  • LEDioc ROAD S - 3

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