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Tokyo Metro Saginuma RailyardKawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

A change to LED for lighting at a railyard creates a bright and safe lighting environment while promoting power savings

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  • LED
  • LED lighting illuminates the premises of the railyard lined with Hanzomon-Line carriages, creating a safe lighting environment at night.


Installation date

August, 2017

Saginuma Railyard is a Tokyo Metro railyard that adjoins Saginuma Station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line run by the Tokyu Corporation. The site area has approximately 67100m², and includes the Saginuma Carriage-inspection Zone, the Saginuma Workshop, and the Saginuma Carriage Office, where tasks such as train inspections are carried out. Tokyo Metro is proceeding with the introduction of LED lighting for carriages and station facilities, including station premises, as a part of its promotion of power savings, and its railyards are also being changed to LED lighting in order when those upgrades take place.

Saginuma Railyard carried out a change to LED lighting in August of 2017, installing two units of 80W LEDioc FLOOD BLITZ LED floodlights in place of the existing twin-lamp mercury lamps that had been installed on the existing overhead power racks. Depending on location, LEDioc STREET 40VA LED security lights were also used, making for a lighting environment that contributes to power and maintenance savings while ensuring the same brightness as that of the previous lighting.

Power consumption after the upgrade to LED lighting has been reduced to less than half, and the consensus is that a bright and safe lighting environment was able to be created while achieving significant reductions in power consumption.


  • LEDioc FLOOD BLITZ 80W type - 74

  • LEDioc STREET 40VA - 11

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