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Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport NumazuNumazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Creating uniform nighttime scenery by using LED lights to illuminate the outdoor spaces at one of the largest major shopping centers in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture

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  • A nighttime view of the northern entrance that gives the impression of a cityscape. Using LEDioc AREA ALIVIO lights that offer three types of light distribution with the same design for the outdoor lighting has created a sense of uniformity for the entire facility.


Installation date

September, 2019

LaLaport Numazu is one of the largest major shopping centers in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture - a collection of stores offering a full range of foods, a variety of brands, and amusement options including cinemas that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from families to young workers. Located alongside National Route No. 1 and close to the expressway interchange, it is fortunate to have access from a wide-ranging area, including buses that run from Numazu and Katahama stations, and has been thronging with crowds since opening in October 2019.

The facility has 217 stores, including nationally popular stores and famous local stores, a food court on the 3rd floor with around 1100 seats, a Food Marche that combines foodstuff-sales and dining on the 1st floor, and family-oriented spaces including play-areas for kids. The facility boasts a combined total floor area for its steel-frame 4-story commercial building and multistory parking building of around 165000m², and a store floorspace of around 64000m², and comes complete with enough space for a total of 3600 vehicles in its surface-level, multistory and rooftop parking areas.

For the outdoor lighting, LEDioc AREA ALIVIO streetlamps were selected for the main areas such as the outer-perimeter road, surface-level parking lot, rooftop parking lots on top of the commercial and multi-story parking buildings, and bicycle parking lot. The lights share a common design and offer a selection of three types of light distribution: horizontal, forward and omnidirectional, and using them gives the entire facility a sense of uniformity. In addition, LEDioc ROAD Low-Position Lighting roadlights that illuminate road surfaces evenly from low positions have been installed on the ramps that lead to the commercial building rooftop parking lot, which are often in the field of vision, and sufficient consideration has been given to their appearance, with the front glass of the lights being given a frosted finish to render their interiors invisible. Different light colors have been used for different purposes, including illuminating the facility exterior and surface-level parking lot using light with an incandescent color and a warm and calm atmosphere in order to provide a color temperature that blends in with the surrounding scenery, while using neutral light to illuminate the rooftop parking lots on the commercial and multistory parking buildings. In terms of brightness, too, a comfortable and agreeable lighting environment that is a fit for the local area has been created, with fixture spacing and mounting angles taking into account light-bleed into surrounding residences while also satisfying the specified brightness standards.


  • LEDioc AREA ALIVIO - 338


    70 Class - 25

    90 Class - 10


  • LEDioc FLOOD SPOLART 210W Type - 60

  • LEDioc ROAD - 19

  • LEDioc MULTILINE - 45

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