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Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest Lighting for Parking Lots and Surrounding RoadsSagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture

LED lights safely illuminate the parking lot and surrounding roads at a leisure facility complex that offers a variety of ways to have fun throughout the year

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  • A view from the elevator of a parking lot bustling with many visitors at night. The park is blessed with good access to the central Tokyo that takes only around one hour.


Installation date

October, 2019

Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest is a leisure facility complex based on the concept of getting close to nature. Surrounded by lush forests and lakes, the park's spreading grounds of roughly 1.45 million square meters feature a full range of facilities, including many popular attractions and amusement parks, camping areas, outdoor barbecue sites, restaurants, cafes, and day-trip hot springs, and it is well-known as a nature resort offering various kinds of fun for children and adults alike. The Sagamiko Illumillion, which has been held every year since 2009, has also been highly rated as an "experience-type illumination” involving a magical world that unfolds from the contrast of darkness with the light from an illumination featuring 6 million lights. The illumination is one of the largest in the Kanto area, and has been recognized as one of the Three Great Kanto Illuminations. This light festival is held not only in winter, but also into early spring, so visitors can also enjoy the fascinating night cherry blossom illuminations at the Sagamiko Sakura Festival, when 2500 cherry trees are in full bloom.

We carried lighting maintenance work at Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest on the parking lots and surrounding roads in October 2019, installing new LED lighting fixtures to light the No.1 and No.3 parking lots and the front gates. The facility was known by its former name of Sagamiko Picnic Land when it opened in 1972, and was originally only open during the daytime, so the light for the parking lots came from lighting run on generators. But now, by installing appropriate lighting fixtures according to each location, including LEDioc FLOOD SPOLART LED floodlights, LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L LED streetlamps, and LEDioc AREA TECHNORAY lights, we have been able to achieve improved safety at night alongside both power and maintenance savings. The LED lighting fixtures were selected to mainly include those with an incandescent color, creating a warm light to provide customers with a warm welcome. The LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L streetlamps that illuminate the surrounding roads have a clean and slim design with gentle light that creates a calm atmosphere, and they have been praised for their harmony with their surrounds.

Following this lighting maintenance work, we will continue with maintenance work on other areas, such as the No. 2 and No. 4 parking lots, and plan to gradually create a safe and worry-free environment that many customers can also enjoy at night.



    210W type - 13

    310W type - 16

  • LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L - 8


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