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Mitsui Outlet Park KisarazuKisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture

LED lighting safely and comfortably illuminates the exterior of an outlet mall boasting the largest store listing in Japan

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  • A nighttime view of the area around the entrance. The light that illuminates the parking lot comes from LEDioc AREA ALIVIO LED pole lights.


Installation date

September, 2018

Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu is a large outlet mall located in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture. Located with good access approximately 45 minutes by car from central Tokyo, it bustles with many visitors every day. In October 2018, work for the third stage of its expansion was completed and a grand opening held. With the expansion plan for the third stage and the overhaul of the existing areas (the first and second stages), 103 new stores were opened in this super-sizing, resulting in a large-scale resort outlet with a store floorspace of approximately 45800m² for more than 300 stores.

In this third stage of construction work, LEDioc AREA ALIVIO LED pole lights were selected for the outdoor lighting to illuminate the outdoor parking lot after a brightness comparison with the lighting used in the construction's first and second stages. The color for the light fixtures and their heavy-duty salt-resistant paint was also made a grayish black to match the existing colors. In addition, lightweight and compact LEDioc FLOOD NEO lights, which are fixtures characterized by a high luminous flux value, were used for the arm lights for billboard advertisements, the floodlights illuminating the outer walls of the buildings, and the base lighting for the bus platform.

A circuit mall has been completed with the opening of the 3rd stage of the expansion, and the facility has evolved into an even more attractive day-trip resort through improved navigability and expanded rest areas. The outside spaces are lit with light from power-saving and environmentally friendly LEDs to create a lighting environment where visitors can enjoy shopping in safety and comfort at night.



    30 Class - 90

    60 Class - 29

  • LEDioc AREA ALIVIO - 14

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