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LEDioc Lamp B

LEDioc Lamp B
  • Lineup consisting of three colour temperatures: 5000K, 2700K, 2100K
  • High colour rendering (Ra85 at 2700K, Ra65 at 2100K and Ra70 at 5000K) ensures objects are illuminated vividly.
  • Highly efficient output of up to 117.6ℓm/W (5000K)
  • Reaches full brightness immediately.
  • Long LED module life of 40000 hours.
  • Requires a separate LED driver.

Product Series

LEDioc Lamp B

Model Number Power Consumption CCT CRI Luminous Flux Luminous Efficacy
LDTS29N-G 29W 5000K 70 4000ℓm 117.6ℓm/W
LDTS29L-G 29W 2700K 85 3400ℓm 100.0ℓm/W
LDTS29L-G/621 29W 2100K 65 3800ℓm 111.7ℓm/W


  • Operating Temperature Range: -25 to +40°C


Body Die-Cast Aluminium, PES (Polyethersulfone)
Glove Polycarbonate
Finish Colour White

Dimensions / Weight

  • ø74×175mm
  • 240g
  • Base : E26

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