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Corporate History

1944: Founded as Iwasaki Radio Engineering.
1945: Renamed to Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd.
1949: Developed the first incandescent reflector lamp in the country.
1952: Changed the trademark to “EYE”.
Launched outdoor reflector lamps and holders.
1955: Released the autonomous production of mercury lamps.
1959: Listed on the Tokyo over-the-counter market.
Released “EYE Rest Green Lamp”, an incandescent lamp for eye health.
1960: Founded Saitama Plant. Launched mercury lamps and various types of luminaire.
1961: Founded “Taisei Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd.”.
1963: Developed the sodium lamp.
1967: Developed traffic safety equipment such as the tunnel emergency information system and internal lighting road sign panel.
1968: Manufactured metal halide lamps.
1970: Listed on the first section of the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges.
Developed “EYE halogen lamp”. Acquired the patents in 10 countries and cleared the way for a new age in lighting industry.
1971: Developed the high-pressure sodium lamp “EYE Sunlux”.
1973: Founded “EYE Lighting System Corporation”.
1974: Founded Ibaraki Plant and launched the fluorescent luminaires for facilities.
Founded “EYE Lighting Australia Pty Ltd.”.
1977: Founded “Kanto Iwasaki Co., Ltd.”.
Granted independence to the Printing Product Div. to found “EYE Graphics Co., Ltd.”.
Released “EYE Area Light”, a floodlight.
1978: Founded “Light Cube Co., Ltd.”.
Released the world's first high pressure sodium lamp “EYE Sunlux Ace” with the maximum efficacy of 150ℓm/W.
1979: Founded “Iwasaki Information Systems Co., Ltd.”, a provider of IT device systems.
Released the fluorescent luminaire that actualized comfort and cost efficiency.
1982: Manufactured the heat-reduced halogen lamp “EYE Dichro-cool Halogen”.
1983: Branched out into the field of ultraviolet application.
1984: Released the super accelerated weathering tester.
1985: Founded “Chichibu Iwasaki Co., Ltd.” and “Kan-etsu Iwasaki Co., Ltd.” that formed the mass production system.
1986: Founded “Eye Electron Beam Co., Ltd.”.
1987: Founded “Eye One Co., Ltd.”.
1988: Bought out “Energy Sciences, Inc.”, a top-ranked manufacturer of curtain-shaped EB irradiation equipment in the United States.
Founded “EYE Trading Co., Ltd.”, “EYE Three Mfg. Co., Ltd.”, and “EYE Lighting Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.”.
Released the compact high color rendering HID lamp “Color Arc”.
1989: Founded “EYE Lighting New Zealand Ltd.”.
Manufactured the short arc metal halide lamp that emitted strong light with a small amount of power.
1991: Founded “OHIO Lamp Manufacturing, Inc.”.
1992: Established “EYE Lighting (Hong Kong) Ltd.” jointly with Hosoda Trading Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong.
1993: Released the “EYE twin arc lamp” with two photo-pigments in a lamp.
1994: Renamed “OHIO Lamp Manufacturing, Inc.” to “EYE Lighting International of North America, Inc.”.
Founded “Iwasaki Electric Engineering Service Co., Ltd.”.
1995: Founded “Dalian Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd.” in China.
Founded “Kinki Light Cube Co., Ltd.”.
1996: Founded “West Logistics Co., Ltd.” and “East Logistics Co., Ltd.”.
1997: Bought out the explosion-proof luminaire manufacturer “Ito Denki Co., Ltd.”.
1998: Manufactured the solar simulation system.
Released streetlight “Pazu” and streetlamp “MITIS”.
1999: Founded “Ito Denki Hanbai Co., Ltd.”.
Bought out “Spectra Lighting Pty Ltd.” and “Spectra Manufacturing Pty Ltd.”
Manufactured the hybrid energy light powered by solar and wind generated electricity.
Released super high pressure mercury lamp for LCD projector.
2000: Established “LCA Holdings Pty Ltd.” jointly with Marubeni Corporation.
Established “Energy Science, Inc. (Europe Branch)”.
Released the low-voltage compact EB irradiation system.
2001: Released the 5-wavelength band metal halide lamp “FEC multi High Ace H”, dimming control system for metal halide lamp “Macls I”, the high color rendering and high-efficacy ceramic metal halide lamp “Cera Arc”.
2002: Released the pulsed xenon sterilization system.
2003: Released the reduced UV output high power metal halide lamp.
2004: Released the ceramic metal halide lamp with internal starter “FEC Cera Arc Ace” and ultra-low voltage EB irradiation system.
2005: Released light irradiation environmental test chamber.
2006: Released the LED units and LED lighting apparatus “LEDioc”.
2007: Absorption of “Iwasaki Information Systems Co., Ltd.”.
Founded “Shanghai Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd.”.
Released the UV irradiation system for city water treatment.
2008: Absorption of “Kanto Iwasaki Co., Ltd.”.
2009: “Taisei Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd.” is renamed “Tsukuba Iwasaki Co., Ltd.” after reorganizing part of its lighting equipment division.
Released LED streetlight.
2010: Head Office moved to Nihonbashi-bakurocho, Tokyo.
Tokyo Showroom “i Labo” opened.
Released the LED floodlight and LED lamp (reflector IL type).
Released the HID lamp “TWIN CERA ARC” which has long life equivalent to LED lamps and lasts up to 50,000 hours.
2011: Formed a merger between “West Logistics Co., Ltd.” and “East Logistics Co., Ltd.” to establish “EYE Logistics Co., Ltd.”.
Released the LED tunnel light luminaire, LED lamp (reflector halogen type), UV-LED Surface Lighting Equipment and LED lighting system for collision tests.
2012: Released the LED lamp (HID bulb type).
2013: Released the LED floodlight (sports type).
2014: Celebrated the 70th anniversary of its founding.
Released the super accelerated weathering tester (SUV-W261).
2015: Established “EYE Lighting (Thailand) Co., Ltd.”.
2016: “EYE Trading Co., Ltd.” is renamed “EYE Lighting Device Co., Ltd.”.
Founded a new distribution warehouse in “Tsukuba Iwasaki Co., Ltd.”.
Established “ELM Lighting Sdn. Bhd.”.
Released the compact EB irradiation system.
2017: Established “Technology Center” in Saitama Plant.
Released the LED floodlight (color type) and lighting control system.

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