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Tokyo Budo-kan Main DojoAdachi Ward, Tokyo

Creating a high-quality lighting environment befitting a facility widely used as a palace for martial arts

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  • LED
  • The Main Dojo is used for a variety of uses, including martial arts, and is lit with highly efficient and high color rendering LED light to create a bright and comfortable lighting environment.


Installation date

January, 2018

Tokyo Budo-kan is a marttial arts stadium that opened in 1990 with the aims of expanding sports and recreation for city residents through the promotion and spread of martial arts, and contributing to the improvement of healthy and cultural lifestyles. The building has a full range of facilities, including a Main Dojo, First/Second Dojos, a Japanese archery range, training room, lecture hall and tea ceremony room.

The facilities at Tokyo Budo-kan had deteriorated with age, so as part of renovation work, work was carried out on the electrical equipment, and the lighting for the Main Dojo was changed to LED. With a competition area of 1972m² (34m×58m), the Main Dojo is the largest dojo at Tokyo Budo-kan. It has seating for 1728 spectators, and in addition to use for martial arts like kendo and judo, it is also used for a wide range of indoor sports and recreation, including volleyball, badminton and table tennis. The existing lighting equipment was a mixture of 1000W metal halide lamps and 660W high-pressure sodium lamps, but these were upgraded to the same number of 320W LEDioc HIGH-BAY α LED high ceiling lighting fixtures to ensure an average maintained brightness of 1500ℓx or greater while also achieving large-scale reductions in power consumption. In terms of color rendering, the average color rendering index has been improved to a minimum of Ra80, making for a comfortable lighting environment that reproduces more natural color. Furthermore, out of consideration for users and to avoid them experiencing glare, diffusion panels were attached to the LED lighting fixtures as glare countermeasures.

The Main Dojo has a high frequency of use for a variety of purposes throughout the year, including various competitions and practice for the same, and corporate and school sporting events, and is lit with light from power-saving LED modules that contribute to maintenance savings with a long operating life of 60000 hours, creating a bright and pleasant light environment.


  • LEDioc HIGH-BAY α 320W - 96

  • LEDioc LED Emergency Lighting fixture - 9

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