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Nagoya DomeNagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

Creating a cutting-edge lighting environment through DMX control-enabled LED lighting effects

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  • LED
  • The LEDioc FLOOD ZEST lights lighting the field use high color rendering LEDs with Ra94 average color rendering index compatible with super hi-vision video (4K/8K), achieving natural-color display.

  • The view from the back-screen side of the field, which has been newly resurfaced using the latest artificial turf. All of the LED lighting is turned on.

  • The LED floodlights lighting the field are high color rendering LEDioc FLOOD ZEST LED floodlights, which feature reduced-glare light distribution performance.

  • The center side, where the impressive 106 Vision screen (three panels with a total length of 106m) is located, as seen from the backstop.

  • A view of the field from the spectator seating. The LED lighting is linked with the images on the 106 Vision screen located on the center side to enable a variety of lighting effects.

  • A view of center field from the first-base-side batting circle.

  • The field is evenly lit with LED lighting, ensuring the same set brightness that existed previously but using fewer lamps.

  • LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR lights light up the dome ceiling, making the entire surface the team color of "Dragons Blue".

  • The installed LEDioc FLOOD ZEST lights lighting the field and LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR lights lighting the ceiling surface.

  • FULL-COLOR LED floodlights in a blue and red pattern.

  • DMX control of the field lighting and FULL-COLOR LED floodlights enables a variety of light effects.

  • Light effects through DMX control enable flexible expression such as speedy on/ off lighting taking advantage of LED lighting's instant on/off capabilities, color changes and light gradations through dimming and full-color lighting, and batch controlled "wave" lighting.

  • The lighting system with DMX control achieves dynamic effects lighting.

  • A daytime view of the exterior.


Installation date

February, 2018

Nagoya Dome is a domed stadium with 13200m² of field space and the capacity for 49692 people (maximum when used as an arena as of March 2018), and is the home ground of the Chunichi Dragons, who play in Nippon Professional Baseball's Central League. It is a landmark facility in Nagoya used for, in addition to baseball, a variety of events such as concerts, exhibitions, trade fairs, and athletic meets. 2017 marked the 20th year since its opening and also saw the addition of the "106 Vision" giant screen device for the back screen. In 2018, all of the artificial turf was resurfaced, and renovations to change the arena lighting to LED were carried out. In updating the existing field lighting equipment from floodlights with metal halide lamps and high color rendering to LED lighting fixtures, sufficient consideration was given to glare, which was the biggest concern with LED lighting, and a comparison of equipment from various manufacturers was conducted to ensure glare would have no effect on the players, which resulted in high-performance / high color rendering LEDioc FLOOD ZEST LED floodlights from Iwasaki Electric being selected. Reducing the number of field-lighting fixtures by 162 to 570 has enabled significant power savings while ensuring the brightness necessary for professional baseball, and in addition has improved the brightness of the space and also the uniformity of the brightness. After the 2018 season, a power consumption comparison showed that a reduction of more than 50% had been achieved by the introduction of LED lighting. Furthermore, the LED lighting can be instantly turned on again even after a temporary power outage occurs from a drop in voltage caused by lightning, which means no need for concern about matches being suspended, so there is a real sense of the benefits it offers. Furthermore, a lighting system using DMX control (DMX512-A*) has been employed, which is the first for a large indoor sports facility for professional baseball in Japan, and this has enabled the use of field lighting effects to realize a dramatic space. Their use together with the 102×LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR LED floodlights that light the dome's ceiling has made possible previously unseen lighting effects. A variety of entire-stadium lighting effects have been achieved by linking the field lighting and FULL-COLOR LED lighting with the 106 Vision images and operating the existing image equipment. This has created a more dynamic and exciting lighting space. The renovations to change the arena lighting to LED have given people a real sense of how the space and atmosphere change depending on the light, along with a new realization of the importance of light. In the future, Nagoya Dome will continue to evolve with the times, and will continue striving to become a facility many people will find attractive and visit.

*DMX512-A (from "Digital MutipleX") is a communications protocol established by the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) used in the control of mainly stage and effects lighting. In recent years it has also been adopted in general lighting devices.


  • LEDioc FLOOD ZEST - 570

  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 560W type - 72

  • LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR - 102(240W×48, 120W×54)