Urbanscape Lighting Exterior Lighting

Confort MyojindaiYokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Light gently illuminates the garden paths of housing development in a location that is both bustling and scenic.

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  • LED
  • HID


Installation date

March, 2006

The lighting system for this housing complex was revamped along with exterior improvements of the housing development. Pole lights and approach lights of human scale and height have been set up along the pathways for the development. Combining wide-span light distributing HID Bollard type fixtures and highly efficient EYE CERA ARC lamps, a lighting environment was created, which contributes to energy conservation while ensuring sufficient illuminance for safety.


  • HID Bollard type-H - 12

  • HID Bollard type-L - 34

  • Solar LED Block - 88

  • 70W EYE CERA ARC - 12

  • 35W EYE CERA ARC - 34

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