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WATERRASChiyoda Ward, Tokyo

Warm-white light gently envelopes an atrium joining two buildings and well-known as an alfresco area where people can relax

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  • A view of the atrium that connects the WATERRAS Tower and the WATERRAS Annex buildings. The bustling space where people go to and fro is gently lit with a warm-white light.


Installation date

April, 2013

WATERRAS is an attractive large-scale building complex formed from two buildings: the WATERRAS Tower (41 storeys above ground and 3 below) and the WATERRAS Annex (15 storeys above ground and 2 below). Their office, residential, business and local community facilities are merged. The spacious atrium that connects the WATERRAS Tower and the WATERRAS Annex buildings is a feel-good open space with a nice breeze and where anyone can come and go freely. In order to light the atrium, LED floodlights (LEDioc FL200) were installed in the roof section as part of a lighting method to highlight the large roof and its truss-structure. The light rebounds from the floor surface, enveloping the atrium in indirect light. There were initial reservations that light shining from below from upper lights would reflect off glass and cause glare. So after considering how the atrium would appear when viewed from the office areas, LED floodlights (LEDioc FL200) with low-glare reflective mirrors were used as downlights to deliver sufficient light to the floor surface. A warm-white color temperature was used to match the lighting used for the external structure. The result is a relaxed atmosphere for this area connecting to the adjoining commercial facility.


  • LEDioc FL200 - 11

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