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Tower Illuminations, Former Yamane Smelting FaciltyNiihama City, Ehime Prefecture

Lighting up a cherished symbol of Niihama City's industrial heritage

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  • LED
  • Cherished by the people of the city, the tower is illuminated with LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR, a color-changing LED floodlight which can freely reproduce a broad spectrum of colors. (Main Image)


Installation date

March, 2021

Affectionately known in Niihama City as "Chimney Mountain", illuminations to highlight the Yamane Smelting Tower commenced in April 2021. Stood atop Shoji Mountain (elevation 144.7m) the brick structure is part of a former smelting facility which was developed to make effective use of low grade ores, and it stands as a regional symbol of the history of industrial development at the Besshi Copper Mine. Completed in 1888, it was awarded recognition through registration as a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan in 2009.

Conceived as a means of conveying gratitude to health workers working on the front line of the Coronavirus pandemic, the improved visual presence that the illuminations provide to this much loved emblem of Niihama City's industrial heritage at night is also intended as a medium through which different nightscapes can be created for the enjoyment of the locals throughout the year, and it can also be used as a means of conveying messages through the use of color. To bring out the gravitas of the historical structure, the color-changing LED floodlight LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR which freely reproduces a broad spectrum of colors, was placed at the base of the tower and pointed directly upwards, emphasizing and highlighting the texture of the brickwork. The tower is being illuminated in blue throughout the month of April to show support and gratitude for health workers, and through May there will be a citrus green lighting scheme to promote Ehime Prefecture's Citrus Ribbon Project*. The lighting is controlled through the DMX system Link-Core (IoT Controls System), which allows for web-based operation of the system, meaning that even in in times of emergency changes can be made to the lighting scheme with no need to be on-site.

*Citrus Ribbon Project:
A project established by a community volunteer in Ehime, upon hearing of cases of prejudice and discrimination arising from the Coronavirus Pandemic. Tying in with citrus fruits which are a specialty of the region, the project seeks to broaden activities which convey a feeling of welcoming and belonging, whilst wearing citrus colored ribbons and logos.


  • LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR 120W type - 3

  • Link-Core - 1

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