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Machida City Hall IlluminationMachida City, Tokyo

Light in a variety of colors provides attractive illumination for a town hall

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  • LED
  • A variety of colors lights up the building's western wall.


Installation date

May, 2018

Machida City is promoting a buildup of momentum for the holding of international competitions including the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the 2019 Rugby World Cup, and as an initiative in collaboration with public awareness campaigns such as Pink Ribbon, has started lighting up the town hall as of May 2018.

The illumination takes place every Wednesday and Friday, which are the days for leaving work on time (no overtime) established as part of staff workstyle reforms, and it aims at the realization of a work-life balance for the staff by promoting the office closing at the regular closing time. The lighting is turned on from 6:30 PM (7 PM in summer) to 9 PM, and instead of external lighting illuminating the building from the outside as would be the case in a normal building light-up, 7 units of LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR full-color LED floodlights have been installed inside the city-hall atrium for an internal-style illumination featuring light that shines on the glass walls of the atrium from the third floor to the tenth floor. Using full-color LED floodlights that can freely express a variety of colors of light, the building is illuminated in vivid colors, which are mainly the five Olympic colors, but also involve various initiatives promoting public awareness through lighting on Wednesdays using the symbolic colors of the Pink Ribbon (early detection of breast cancer) and Orange Ribbon (child abuse prevention) campaigns.

As the illumination is internal, there is no need to worry about light leaking into the surrounding environment, and the focus is also on being able to create fantastic light effects in the atrium. The LEDs used consume little power, with the amount of power used yearly coming in at roughly 226.8 kWh, which translates to an electricity bill of roughly ¥3900 per year. The expectation is that this, together with cost reductions associated with the promotion of employees leaving work on time, will contribute to a reduction in the burden on the environment, while the hope is that the illumination in diverse color that shows a different and charming side of the city hall not seen during the day can be enjoyed by many.



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