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Oshi Castle IlluminationsGyoda City, Saitama Prefecture

Color-changing LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR floodlights bring a kaleidoscopic flourish to Oshi Castle, a symbol of Gyoda City

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  • LED
  • Using high color rendering white light to enhance the prominence of the white mortar walls, the standard illumination arrangement helps to create a whimsical nightscape.


Installation date

March, 2021

Cherished as a symbol of the city, Oshi Castle in Gyoda City was originally constructed during the Bunmei Period* of the Muromachi Era*, and is a renowned site which is counted amongst the "Seven Famous Castles of the Kanto Region". Once torn down in 1873, a fortress replicating the original three-level turret was reconstructed in 1988, with its surroundings being established as a verdant castle ruins park.

In March 2021, the City of Gyoda carried out an update of the castle illuminations to LED. Where once mercury lamps were used for the illuminations, with any color-changing being enacted through the incorporation of colored acrylic panels, the introduction of color-changing LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR LED floodlights combined with a color control system has made possible the realization of illuminations in any color to match any event or occasion. Public awareness campaigns and events are now also marked through the medium of light, with a variety of configurations programmed into the calendar to produce displays that are coordinated with initiatives such as the Pink Ribbon (Breast Cancer Awareness) and Purple Ribbon (Campaign to end violence against women) campaigns, amongst others. Lighting displays are also run in conjunction with Hanachozu Week - a now Regularly event originally established as the result of a desire to display hospitality towards visitors to Gyoda City, which sees floral art adorning attractions such as the Gyodahachiman Shrine, the shops and Private houses in its vicinity, and the Sakitama Shrine; combining with the illuminations of the flower topped purification basin at the castle gates, a truly magical setting is created.

Under the regular white lighting arrangement, the improved color rendering resulting from the upgrade to LED lighting displays the mortar of the white walls more prominently, further enhancing the beautiful views of Oshi Castle from distance; it is our hope that many will take pleasure in the illuminations of Oshi Castle and the many dimensions it brings to a fascinating nightscape varying with each viewpoint.

*Muromachi Era: Japan, 1336 - 1573 (est.)
*Bunmei Period: Japan, 1469 - 1487 (est.)


  • LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR 80W type - 4

  • DMX Controller LEDioc Color Controller - 1

  • DMX Wireless Base Unit - 1

  • DMX Wireless Relay Unit - 1

  • DMX Wireless Extension Unit - 1

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