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Japan MintOsaka City, Osaka

Creating attractive nighttime scenery by using LED lighting with high color-rendering to light the site of the Japan Mint, which boasts many blooming cherry blossoms

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  • The nighttime view in front of the Japan Mint museum, a renovated Western-style brick building built in the Meiji era. LEDioc APPROACH QUALLIS LED approach lights with a simple form that blends into the landscape gently illuminate the area around the building.


Installation date

March, 2018

Every year, "Cherry Blossom Passage", which is a part of the National Mint site located in Osaka's Kita-ward, is open to the public for one week only when the cherry blossoms bloom. It has been a popular spring tradition since the Meiji period, and the location is one of Osaka's famous cherry blossom sites. The name "Passage" came from the 560m path along the Okawa River within the Japan Mint grounds, where 349 cherry trees of 134 varieties (as of 2018) bloom, and along which visitors enjoying the sight would pass in a single direction. As such, it bustles with many people during the period it is open.

Another one of the reasons why it is popular is that visitors are also able to enjoy the cherry blossoms after sunset, when they are lit by paper lanterns and floodlights.

Due to prohibitions on the production of mercury lamps from 2021 onwards in accordance with the Minamata Convention on Mercury, the Mint carried out renovation work to upgrade its existing lighting to LED from the viewpoint of power savings. For the change to LED lighting, trial installations were conducted using high-chroma and high color-rendering LEDioc FLOOD NEO Vivid 90 Class LED floodlights, as well as high-performance LEDioc LED Light Bulb LED lamps that can be used with the existing fittings after replacing only the lamps and stabilizers, after which the appropriate LED lighting fixtures were selected for each location. The LED light contributes to significant power savings while ensuring a brightness equal to or greater than that of the previous lighting, and also naturally reproduces the hues of the cherry blossoms in brilliant bloom to produce the attractive nighttime scenery more effectively.


  • LEDioc FLOOD NEO Vivid 90 Class - 7


    type-G - 8

    type-D - 8

  • LEDioc APPROACH type-D - 4

  • LEDioc APPROACH - 36

  • LEDioc LED Light Bulb 70W - 28


    90 Class - 6

    40 Class - 22

  • Spotlight(LED EYE LAMP/Incandescent beam bulb-type) - 12

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