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Road Lighting Service Area

Shizuoka Service AreaShizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Real time active dimming of lights in a parking lot is achieved by coordinating LED floodlights with a special control system

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  • LED
  • HID
  • Night view of the parking lot for large vehicles at Shizuoka SA (inbound).


Installation date

April, 2012

NEOPASA Shizuoka, situated in the center of Shizuoka Prefecture, is designed on the concept of a "heartfelt oasis" providing a place of leisure and relaxation where local specialties and souvenirs are on offer. Inbound Service Area was developed as a super-eco area complete with state-of-the art environmental measures, including the use of LED lamps to create an environmentally-friendly lighting environment. A key concern was to avoid an excessive number of poles that may give a cluttered look to the parking lot. So the cameras, lighting fixtures and other equipment were all installed together on multi-purpose poles. Smart controls are also used. The vacancy information processed by the image analysis system of the parking lot is combined with the dimmable LED floodlights, and this allows the light to be adjusted in real time at each parking block. The color of the lamps used was chosen to harmonize with the buildings. The contoured design at the lower part of the poles also accentuates the area, achieving an innovative look that blends well with the new freeway and IC facilities.


  • HID streetlight - 174

  • LED streetlight - 49

  • LED floodlight - 22

  • HID polelight - 19

  • LED polelight - 54

  • Fluorescent tunnel light - 11

  • HID tunnel light - 11

  • Project summary

    Shin-Tomei Expressway

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