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Gyoda City Smart Street Lighting / LED Street Lighting MaintenanceGyoda City, Saitama Prefecture

LED upgrade works to support Gyoda City on its journey towards becoming a Zero Carbon City

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  • The road alongside the Educational and Cultural Center (Central Community Center, Library) is illuminated by high-efficiency, high-output, and long life LEDioc ROAD luminaires.

  • Sensor-equipped smart street luminaires not only report malfunctions, but also make broader data collation possible.

  • Illuminating the road with LEDioc ROAD street luminaires, a highly pleasant and uniform lighting environment has been created.

  • Daytime view alongside the Educational and Cultural Center (Central Community Center, Library).

  • Nighttime view of the area around Gyoda City Hall, where the changing of all street luminaires managed by the city to LED has brought significant energy savings.

  • Existing lighting columns have been retained and reused to maintain the scenery whilst upgrading to LED.

  • Nighttime view of Minami Odori Street, where the upgrade to LEDioc ROAD street luminaires has increased brightness and visibility around the intersection area.

  • LEDioc ROAD street and sidewalk luminaires in situ.

  • LEDioc ROAD in situ.

  • Daytime view of the around Gyoda City Hall.


Installation date

January, 2023

Following its declaration of intent in 2022 to target becoming a zero carbon city, residents, businesses and administrators alike have all united behind the cause, pushing forwards with measures to turn the vision of carbon free city into a reality. In January 2023, the "Gyoda City Smart Street Lighting / LED Street Lighting Maintenance" program of works was carried out, seeing 1045 of the street luminaires managed by the city upgraded to LED. For the implementation of the project works, an agreement was entered into with an ESCO scheme, and following a public tender process Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd. was selected as the representative operator, entrusted with delivering an all-encompassing service over a contract period of 10 years. It is anticipated that the upgrading of these luminaires to LED will generate around 65% in energy cost savings and around 77% in CO₂ emissions reductions. Furthermore with the use of subsidies from the Ministry of the Environment, a smart lighting system with communications functionality has also been incorporated, enabling the remote control of luminaires as well as collation of data on areas such as daylight levels, meaning the lighting environment can be continuously optimized during operational management hours to deliver ever more energy savings. With the implementation of the centralized lighting management system, not only can the luminaires can now be controlled and adjusted remotely, the status of each luminaire can also be verified in real time; the benefits of the system have been highly valued thanks to the improved convenience to maintenance of the lighting stock. It is a source of great satisfaction for us that with the support of local businesses, the works were completed safely, and that we have been able to implement facilities which deliver a secure and comforting lighting environment to contribute towards a sustainable society.

Under the "Gyoda City Smart Street Lighting / LED Street Lighting Maintenance" program, on-site assessments of the existing street luminaires, the adjustment and comparison of electricity contracts, and construction works were all efficiently processed from start to finish. As a local business we have been involved with lighting in the City of Gyoda over many years, and we were able to lean upon this experience to ensure the process was carried out in great detail and with great care, seeing works completed to schedule. With its Saitama manufacturing plant and Technology Center being situated in Gyoda, we enjoy an established working relationship with Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd., which allowed us to carry out the works in a mutually positive and cooperative spirit. The implementation of smart lighting also enabled information sharing between the City and the operators, which was highly beneficial in ensuring construction works could be carried out more smoothly. Following the renovations to LED, illuminance levels have been maintained to be on a par with the existing installations whilst delivering large-scale energy savings, with the city feeling bright an offering an improved sense of comfort and security by night. Thankful also of the works on the public roads having passed without incident, we would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to all involved with delivering this project.

* Energy Service Companies (abbr. ESCO) are enterprises that implement projects to reduce energy costs, covering the costs of the renovation works from within the savings achieved.


  • LEDioc ROAD - 995

  • LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L - 1