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Hakodate City Road Benten Suehiro StreetHakodate City, Hokkaido

Light to gently illuminate a townscape in Hakodate City, which is promoting urban design featuring appeal, taste and history

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  • LED
  • The LEDioc ROAD lights contribute to maintenance savings through their long-life LED modules that have a lifespan of 60000 hours. Lights with an incandescent color have been used, taking into account how the light looks when viewed from Mt. Hakodate.

  • The LEDioc ROAD lights brightly and safely illuminate the road and sidewalks while also suppressing light-bleed into the surrounding area, creating a pleasant lighting environment.

  • Hakodate City Road Benten Suehiro Street in front of Hakodate Benten Post Office. The LED road lights have a simple design and are painted dark gray, taking into account the daytime scenery.


Installation date

March, 2019

The townscape in the western district of Hakodate City has an exotic atmosphere where hilly roads and buildings unique to Hakodate are a strong presence in an historical environment that remains to this day. The city has designated this area an "Urban Scenery Creation Zone", and is putting effort into the preservation of its scenery. Located in a residential area in the northwestern part of that zone, Benten Suehiro Street is a street featuring a Hakodate-like landscape that blends into the traditional building preservation district featuring rows of buildings inheriting the historical architectural style, and is currently undergoing a sequential renovation of its roadlights in order to create better scenery.

The section from Yayoizaka Street to Teramachi Street (Uomizaka Street) is approximately 500m long, and LEDioc ROAD LED roadlights have been used there in place of the old roadlights that used mercury lamps. This has promoted significant energy savings, while measures such as making the paint color dark gray have created a lighting environment considerate of the scenery. A total of 23 lights have been installed so far. Of these, the 7 installed in the section (166m long) in March 2019 are custom-made and include globes from which an incandescent, gentle and warm light spreads, taking into account the nighttime scenery viewed from Mount Hakodate. Furthermore, the height for the light-poles after their renovation to LED roadlights has been set to 8m, paying attention to efficient illumination with sufficient brightness for roads and sidewalks while also suppressing light-bleed into the surrounding area.

Compared to before, the consensus is that it has become much brighter and that the city has created a pleasant light environment in harmony with the scenery.


  • LEDioc ROAD (Custom made) - 7