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Yubetsu StreetlampYubetsu Town, Monbetsu District, Hokkaido

LED lights brightly and safely illuminate a town of brightly colored tulips in full bloom

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  • The streets are illuminated with LEDioc AREA type-G lights, which focus on light quality, ensuring a safe and worry-free pedestrian area.

  • An LEDioc AREA type-G LED streetlamp, which has been designed to blend into the daytime scenery.

  • The lights suppress glare and illuminate the townscape appropriately with soft, diffused light, improving the sense of brightness.

  • LED streetlamps based on LEDioc AREA type-G lights illuminate the road surface efficiently, improving nighttime safety.

  • An LED streetlamp based on the LEDioc AREA type-G light. The attached plate features a tulip, which is the town's flower.

  • An LED streetlamp with a salmon plate attached, highlighting the charms of Yubetsu, which is blessed with fresh seafood.

  • The LED shared-stand lamp with the attached tulip plate is a LEDioc AREA QUALLIS type-G light.


Installation date

September, 2019

Located in the northeastern part of Hokkaido and in the central part of the Sea of Okhotsk, the town of Yubetsu is blessed with a natural environment of verdant, fertile agricultural land and mountain forests. Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park is one of the more popular sightseeing spots in the town, boasting over 200 varieties of tulips that come into full bloom from May to early June on a 7ha section of the vast park's total area of 12.5ha. A Tulip Fair is held when the flowers bloom, and is well known as a famous flower location, seeing over 60000 visitors every year.

A 3-year streetlight installation project that has seen the installation of new streetlights for seven districts in the town of Yubetsu has been underway since 2017. Against a background of deteriorating existing streetlights, a change to LED lighting was made with the aim of reducing maintenance costs and taking measures for power savings and summer pest control. A total of 264 LED lights were installed, using original-design LED streetlamps and LED shared-stand lamps based on LEDioc AREA type-G and LEDioc AREA QUALLIS type-G lights for the lighting fixtures. LED streetlamps with a height of roughly 5m have been installed in staggered or single-side arrangements at intervals of 30m to 50m, reducing the total number of lamps while ensuring an average brightness for the sidewalks of 3 - 5ℓx, which is the same as or brighter than that from the previous lighting. In addition, by using light emitted from a globe in the center of a ring section to efficiently illuminate the road surface while suppressing glare, the lights offer enhanced visual guidance for pedestrians while at the same time suppressing light in the upward direction, and also display results in terms of power savings with an average power consumption of 147W compared to the previous 2 × 100W mercury-lamp fixtures. With respect to the pole designs, Yubetsu has merged with the town of Kami-Yubetsu to become a single town, so tulip-inspired poles with tulip and salmon plates were installed, with flag-arms and banners for town events, enhancing the sense of unity in the town with a unified design instead of the previous separate ones for each district. Depending on their location, some poles have a fluoropolymer paint finish, while all of the fixtures have been given a heavy-duty salt-resistant covering to be mindful of salt-damage.

Since the upgrade to LED lighting, feedback from the town residents has been positive in terms of how brighter it has become, and the consensus is that the creation of a safe and worry-free pedestrian area in which the scenery blends in with the townscape during the day and provides a sense of bustle despite a relaxed atmosphere at night has enabled landscape in the central district of the town to be improved through its taking of an integrated form.


  • LEDioc AREA QUALLIS type-G - 39

  • LEDioc AREA type-G - 225