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Kanazawa Waterfront Green SpaceYokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Softly illuminating a seaside promenade enjoyed by locals as a place of rest and relaxation

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  • LED
  • Installed along the upper part of the seawall, the promenade which is also widely used by many during nighttime hours is securely illuminated with UNIS Flare LED pole lights, which offer energy saving and low maintenance benefits thanks to a rated LED module life of 60000 hours.

  • With UNIS Flare luminaires limiting the amount of light projected upwards, the promenade is illuminated to a pleasant level of light that is also mindful of its surrounding environment, providing a setting where fishing can be enjoyed even at night.

  • Factoring in transparency levels, the globes of UNIS Flare feature a moderate clearness.

  • Daytime view of the promenade along the Kanazawa Waterfront Green Space, situated in an area adjacent to Hakkeijima and the Kanazawa Marine Park. With an understated design, the UNIS Flare luminaires installed along the promenade dovetail smoothly with the surrounding scenery.


Installation date

March, 2023

Following extensive damage to the Fukuura and Sachiura districts of Kanazawa Ward during the typhoons of September 2019, the City of Yokohama embarked on a program of seawall restoration works and maintenance work along its promenade, and the Kanazawa Waterfront Green Space was eventually opened to the public from April 2023.

In addition to being equipped with a seawall designed to prevent flooding against the highest conceivable tide and wave heights, the promenade was reconstructed onto the seawall. Open 24 hours a day with entry free to all, the around 5 meter-wide promenade of around 1 km in length has been established as a place where people can enjoy activities such as walking or fishing, as they gaze out over the seaside scenery.

With the installation along a seafront promenade, the requirements for the lighting were to have a minimal wind load and offer heavy duty anti-corrosion resistance, whilst also producing moderate light levels; the luminaire selected was the UNIS Flare LED pole light, which provides appropriate levels of light while blending harmoniously with its surroundings. With its uniform light emitting surface and simple design, the luminaire features a comforting light that also limits vertical spill, and safely illuminates the promenade which represents a place of rest and relaxation for citizens and stands as a symbol of the recovery of Kanazawa Ward.


  • UNIS Flare - 32