Area Lighting Station Plaza

Sunrise Street (City Road Mitsumizo Line)Saga City, Saga Prefecture

A thriving street gently illuminated under LED light

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  • A street designed to be enjoyed when walking along it, Sunrise Street (City Road Mitsumizo Line) is bathed in the gentle incandescent light of LEDioc AREA RAMUS street luminaires.

  • Linking SAGA Sunrise Park to JR Saga Station, Sunrise Street (City Road Mitsumizo Line) is illuminated by LEDioc AREA RAMUS luminaires to provide a safe and comforting atmosphere even during the hours of darkness.

  • Providing illuminance levels equivalent to a 250W mercury vapor lamp, LEDioc AREA RAMUS street luminaires contribute greatly towards energy savings with a rated consumption of only 55.8W (incandescent color at 200V).

  • Daytime view of Sunrise Street (City Road Mitsumizo Line), by the North Exit of JR Saga Station.


Installation date

February, 2022

As it looks forward to hosting SAGA2024, a national sporting festival for disabled athletes and promising athletes, the city of Saga is pressing ahead with a unified program of urban development in concurrence with development of the integrated sporting facilities site SAGA Sunrise Park, which features an array of facilities including a multi-purpose sports field, swimming pool, multi-purpose indoor sports hall, and a multi-use arena. Linked to this, redevelopment works were also undertaken on City Road Mitsumizo Line, which is the main street linking the North Exit of JR Saga Station to SAGA Sunrise Park.

With the sidewalks widened and a cycling lane installed, a pedestrian-friendly street has been created whilst improving safety, leading to the revitalization of City Road Mitsumizo Line into a symbolic route which has since come to be known by its pet name of Sunrise Street.

Selected to illuminate the sidewalk was the LED street luminaire LEDioc AREA RAMUS, featuring an attractive design which blends harmoniously with its surroundings. Maintaining brightness levels along the pedestrian route, the incandescent color of the LED lighting provides a gentle and tranquil ambiance.


  • LEDioc AREA RAMUS - 19