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Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Shonan HiratsukaHiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Using LED lights for the outdoor lighting at a large shopping center highlighting the appeal of the Shonan Hiratsuka area to achieve power savings and a comfortable lighting environment

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  • LEDioc AREA MITIS B LED streetlights have been installed as the parking area lighting.


Installation date

August, 2016

LaLaport Shonan Hiratsuka is a regional shopping center that commenced operation in Kanagawa Prefecture's Hiratsuka City in October of 2016. Located in the central area of the city, development of hospitals and apartment buildings is proceeding in the surrounding area as part of a large-scale combined development plan that includes the LaLaport Shonan Hiratsuka facility, and a new townscape is starting to be born. With a total floor space of roughly 166000m² , the 3-storey shop building features a lineup of 247 different stores, including locations offering food and drink, clothing, and general goods, and it also has the largest parking lot in the area, with space for roughly 3500 vehicles.LaLaport Shonan Hiratsuka is mindful of the environment, and has used LED lighting for the lighting in the common-use areas of the facility. It has also used power-saving LED lighting for its outdoor lighting. The outdoor lighting area can be broadly split into the ground-level parking area, the outer circumference roads, the rooftop parking area, and themulti-storey parking lots (East, West, and North Buildings).LEDioc AREA ALIVIO and LEDioc AREA MITIS B LED streetlights with acolor temperature of 3000K were selected for the ground-level parking area, and set with warm light that blends in with the surrounding townscape. After giving consideration to light-bleed into the surrounding area, LEDioc AREA ALIVIO lights with a color temperature of 3000K and the capacity to be angle-adjusted in the vertical direction wereselected for the outer circumference roads. Furthermore, LEDioc AREAALIVIO lights with a performance-focused color temperature of 5000K were selected for the rooftop parking area and multi-storey parking lots(East, West, and North Buildings). The glare of the light sources hasbeen taken into account, with the car lanes, interiors, and the entireparking areas all safely illuminated. The ground floor restaurant and cafe zone has terrace seating surrounded by greenery, as well as a stagefor events, and this open outdoor area has been appropriately lit to createattractive night-time scenery.


  • LEDioc AREA ALIVIO - 209

  • LEDioc AREA MITIS B - 27

  • LEDioc FLOOD NINO - 46

  • LEDioc FLOOD NEO - 2

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