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Mitsui Outlet Park Hokuriku OyabeOyabe City, Toyama Prefecture

LED Lighting ensures safety and security in a new mall parking lot and access roads

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  • LEDioc roadway lighting creates a safe and secure environment by eliminating all dark areas.


Installation date

June, 2015

The Mitsui Outlet Park Oyabe, the Hokuriku area's first outlet mall, opened in July 2015 featuring 173 stores in 45000 square meters of floor space. The indoor mall, a necessity for Hokuriku's climate, has become an instant destination for local families with a 50 meter-high ferris wheel and large playground. Consumer traffic has been heavy since it opened because of its convenient location in the state of Toyama. The large mall parking lots can hold 2800 vehicles, and Iwasaki LED lighting was specified to ensure the safety and security of shoppers. The environmentally sensitive lighting design included single and twin lamp LEDioc Road Lights and LEDioc Spolart Floodlights in the parking areas, and LEDioc AREA type-D Streetlights for the roadway entrances and exits. LEDioc AREA QUALLIS type-G streetlights enhance the mall's main entrance area. The new LED luminaires provide soft, even lighting surrounding the entire Mitsui Outlet Park Mall, and both employees and visitors report they are comfortable walking to their cars at night.


  • LEDioc ROAD (1 Lamp) - 11

  • LEDioc ROAD (2 Lamps) - 42


  • LEDioc AREA QUALLIS type-G - 4

  • LEDioc AREA type-D - 16

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