High-bay Lighting Warehouse Lighting

ABC Logitem Corporation Utsunomiya Logistics Center / Head OfficeKaminokawa Town, Kawachi District, Tochigi Prefecture

LED lighting brightly illuminates a logistics center equipped with frozen and refrigerated storage warehouse amongst the largest in the northern Kanto region

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  • LED
  • Mindful of limiting the glare impact upon forklift operatives whilst also ensuring that suitable illuminance levels are maintained along the aisles, LEDioc DEPOLINER high bay luminaires provide a uniform light across the frozen storage warehouse.

  • LEDioc DEPOLINER 150W circular distribution type luminaires deliver levels of brightness equivalent to a 400W metal halide lamp, making significant contributions towards energy savings.

  • LEDioc DEPOLINER 180W, in horizontal and circular distribution types.

  • Illuminating the refrigerated warehouse areas with the horizontal and circular light distributions of LEDioc DEPOLINER high bay luminaires, a lit environment with high levels of uniformity has been achieved.

  • With a flat light emitting surface that minimizes light pollution, LEDioc CEILING HB high bay luminaires illuminate the spacious repair workshop to create a bright and comfortable working space.

  • LEDioc CEILING HB type-F wide beam type luminaires in situ.

  • Exterior view of the repair workshop.

  • High efficiency LEDioc AREA type-D pole lights deliver a uniform light to the surrounding area with the omnidirectional distribution produced by its halo of light, whilst also suppressing light spillage.

  • LEDioc AREA type-D pole lights are installed along the perimeter of the site.

  • Aerial view over the vast site of the Utsunomiya Distribution Center and Head Office, with its single-storey warehouse spanning 250m from north to south.


Installation date

March, 2023

With a history of over half a century since its establishment in 1968, ABC Logitem Corporaion is a comprehensive logistics company which, with frozen and refrigerated food products at its core, operates across a broad range of fields from warehouse storage to sorted delivery solutions. Equipped with refrigerated warehousing space and a fleet size of refrigerated vehicles that place it among the top tier of operators in the northern Kanto area, the company provides a logistics service covering the capital and northern Kanto regions with the 390 trucks at its service.

Completed in March 2023 at the Kaminokawa Inter Industrial Complex in Kaminokawa Town, the Utsunomiya Distribution Center was newly constructed to accommodate the relocation and merger of the preceding distribution centers at Utsunomiya and Mibu, also adding more advanced and efficient large scale frozen and refrigerated storage warehousing spaces, as well as a maintenance warehouse and Head Office facilities, with operations commencing there in April this year. Facing the Route 4 bypass, the new distribution center benefits from good transport links at its location just 3.4km from the Utsunomiya / Kaminokawa Interchange of the Kita-Kanto Expressway; with a vast overall site area of 35911m² and total floor space of 18791m² including Head Office buildings, the site is equipped with 51 truck berths and is operational 24 hours a day for 365 days a year with around 170 medium and large refrigerated trucks to maintain. Through optimizing the geographical benefits offered by the northern Kanto region, we aim to support society and assist the logistics industry, positioned as a key hub of our national network of frozen and refrigerated foods.

Centered on its frozen and refrigerated storage warehousing spaces the lighting scheme at the Utsunomiya Distribution Center makes use of LEDioc DEPOLINER high bay luminaires with horizontal and circular light distribution to illuminate the large warehousing spaces with a total floor area of 14076m². In the frozen storage warehouse, due care was taken to avoid the impact of glare on the forklift operatives when stocking and moving items, and the lighting was positioned so as to provide an uncluttered look on the ceiling whilst ensuring suitable illuminance levels along the aisles. With the IP65 rated luminaires designed to tolerate a broad range of temperatures from -30℃ to +50℃, they are well suited for use in the frozen storage warehouse where the ambient temperature is set at -30℃. The repair shop set up on the premises is a building with a floor space of 416m², with LEDioc CEILING HB high bay luminaires mounted on the ceiling to provide a bright and comfortable working environment. The exterior lighting on the premises is provided by LEDioc AREA type-D pole lights; conscious of design and functionality requirements, they deliver an omnidirectional light distribution together with high efficiency, helping to improve safety at night with their breezy light which contributes towards energy savings.



    150W - 111

    180W - 270

  • LEDioc CEILING HB type-F - 21


    class 40 - 20

    class 60 - 3

  • LEDioc FLOOD LUNT 14W type - 5

  • LEDioc AREA type-D - 13