Commercial Lighting Markets / Supermarkets

Boulangerie Bonheur, Sugamo StoreToshima Ward, Tokyo

Creating an intimate space through an optimal lighting arrangement designed to convey the joy of freshly baked bread

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  • LED
  • The aromatic shop floor where a plentiful range of freshly baked breads are displayed, is illuminated with incandescent color LED lighting to create a warm and welcoming ambiance.

  • Incandescent color LEDioc LED Downlight in situ.

  • Minimizing the effect of layered shadowing is a key feature of the LEDioc Universal Downlight (COB type) leading to a natural and smooth spread of light.

  • In the workshop area, the AIRLIA CEILING airflow UV purification system helps to maintain a clean and hygienic environment by sterilizing the air that is passed through it with its fan mechanism.

  • With the facade designed to blend seamlessly into its surrounding area, an approachable and inviting atmosphere is created.


Installation date

October, 2022

Popular bakery chain Boulangerie Bonheur has been opening stores centered on the Tokyo capital region with branches in hotspots such as Sangenjaya, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya and Roppongi Hills, and in October 2022 it opened its new Sugamo Store in Toshima Ward, Tokyo. The street-facing store is situated within the bustling, historical Sugamo Jizodori Shopping Street, around a six-minute walk from Sugamo Station which serves both JR and Tokyo Metro lines. With "Everyday Communication" as its core concept, the store is the first in the Boulangerie Bonheur network to feature a 'face-to-face' style counter. Designed to create an environment which allows for casual interaction between customers and staff whilst choosing items, the in-store experience is one befitting the kind and friendly atmosphere for which Sugamo is known.

Whilst always remaining mindful of its street facing location, the store arrangement followed a standardized design process, from the construction of the facade design imagery, to the store logo typeface, usage of wood grain textured surfaces, and use of croissant-shaped signboards, through to the eye-catching use of the light blue of the corporate color scheme. Additionally, following the client's wish to show due appreciation of the store's positioning within the Sugamo Jizodori Shopping Street and the values of "development of people-friendly community that values history and culture" which it enshrines, edgy designs were eschewed in favor of a warm and cozy ambiance achieved through the effective use of wood grain textures, with a focus upon creating an inviting and intimate neighborhood bakery setting.

The lighting plan followed the precedent of the well-received luminaires and scheme at the Roppongi Hills store, creating a scene of warmth that encapsulates the comforting allure of delicious bread. The in-store lighting is predominantly incandescent in color, and the high color rendering COB type LED luminaires which have been selected provide brightness coupled with high quality light distribution, light color, and uniformity. In the workshop areas, the dough kneading space is illuminated with incandescent color LEDioc LED Downlight to provide a sense of continuity through to the shop floor, while the baking area is illuminated with the rain and damp proof Base Light for LED Tube LDL40 in cool white color, in keeping with its more operational and efficiency based setting. Additionally, the AIRLIA CEILING airflow UV purification system is mounted on the ceiling of the workshop area to provide a safe, hygienic and clean working environment.


  • LEDioc LED Downlight

    class 350 - 12

    class 200 - 9

  • LEDioc LED Universal Downlight COB type class 120 - 13

  • Rain Proof/Damp Proof Base Light for LED Tube LDL40 - 6